Black on The Green

Danae Leake


Students stood together in protest against a pipeline project deemed environmentally harmful.

Divest UNF, a student-led campaign of called Go Fossil Free*, organized an event Feb. 3 it called Black on the Green.

Sierra Club representative, Janet Stanko, along with other UNF student supporters, held up signs in protest to the proposed Keystone XL project.

Stanko said they want President Obama to say no to the pipeline’s construction.

The Keystone XL is a 875-mile pipeline that will run oil down from Alberta, Canada to the Gulf Coast.

Stanko said the pipeline is nothing of interest to the United States.

“The pipeline will facilitate dirty tar sands from Canada down to the Gulf Coast where it will then be exported to other countries. We will get no benefit from it. We would not use the oil and it will not reduce the price we pay for oil in this country and it will create less than 50 permanent jobs.”

Stanko said the public can be involved in this movement by joining other public rallies.

* 2/6/14 – A correction was made at 9:45, accurately attributing the event.

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