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All content by Danae Leake
Artist Uncovered logo  Courtesy of Joe Pike

Two students are trying to get young writers’ work published with new start-up literary journal

August 2, 2016

For a young writer trying to get their work published, it’s tough. A writer’s life is a one that can often be unappreciated, and as young writers submit their precious drafts they've spent hours...

Graphic by Ben Cross

UNF Digs: Highlights from the school’s first 25 years

July 30, 2016

UNF Digs is a weekly column that delves into UNF’s archives to find treasures worth sharing. This column would be more of a snapshot of UNF’s history than an excerpt from a history textbook. But...

 Photo by Jenn Mello.

People of UNF

July 29, 2016

Meg Jenkins, Junior, Psychology “I used to play Pokémon when I was little and watch the shows and everything, so I’m a really big fan, but it doesn’t come for my phone because I have a Windows...

Janet Owen

UNF faculty member named woman of influence

July 26, 2016

The Jacksonville Business Journal is naming a UNF faculty member a “Woman of Influence.” Janet Owen, the Vice President of Governmental Affairs, said she was very surprised to receive the award. “I’ll...

The incident occurred in the Thomas G. Carpenter parking lot.  Photo by Keri Weiland

Thomas G. Carpenter: Carving the Values of a University

July 22, 2016

Dr. Thomas G. Carpenter was the head honcho that led the university from its fledgeling launch and founding to overseeing some of the first constructions on the—at the time—wild, undeveloped land....

Exposing Gluttony: MOCA Sponsors muralist Ethan Murrow for newest Project Atrium

Exposing Gluttony: MOCA Sponsors muralist Ethan Murrow for newest Project Atrium

July 12, 2016

  Have you ever drawn on the walls? If you had a chance to sneak in a couple of squiggles and wobbly smiley faces, you’ve probably experienced the parental repercussions of your doodling. For...

 Photo by Mark Judson.

Jags season tickets for students update

July 11, 2016

With just a short time before the Jacksonville Jaguars season kicks off, more information on student ticket sales and benefits have been announced by Student Government. Student season passes cost...

UNF students join Black Lives Matter rally

UNF students join Black Lives Matter rally

July 11, 2016

The record-breaking temperatures could tempt anyone into staying indoors on a Sunday afternoon. But for a group of nearly 300 citizens in Jacksonville, it was a perfect time to protest. The protest bringing...

UNF Presidents Image Collection

UNF Digs: Andrew A. Robinson – A Heavyweight for Student Life and Education at UNF

July 8, 2016

You’ve probably passed by this building while on the way to your dorm after class or the Osprey Cafe to get a bite to eat. Tucked away at the Eastside of campus, the Andrew Robinson Theater is showing...

 Graphic by Ben Cross

Upcoming albums to keep on your radar this month

July 7, 2016

Usually, music doesn’t pick and choose its season, but there’s something about new tunes in the summertime that keeps the season fresh. Maybe we need to consume refreshing tracks to cool down the...


Student ticket sale dates for Jacksonville Jags season passes are out

July 5, 2016

Jacksonville Jaguars fans rejoice! The dates of the student ticket sales have been posted with the first round of sales happening next week. UNF Student Government posted the set of dates on their Facebook...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Please Be Kind and Watch the Signs this Fourth of July

July 3, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmWLl_wkAf0 Video by Tiffany Salameh and Brittany Moore Fourth of July is approaching fast and you know what that means—fireworks! Every year Jacksonville is home to...

Emily Rokosch, LGBT education coordinator, chats with students Marcus Google and Dean Bonilla at the office
on campus.  Photo from UNF Spinnaker Print Archives

UNF Digs: UNF LGBT Resource Center Turns 10

June 24, 2016

Pride Month Edition You might’ve noticed more rainbow banners floating around while making Google searches this month, and there’s a reason for that: June is LGBT Pride Month. Now, October has been...

UNF Opens Seaside Sculpture Park Featuring Student Artwork

UNF Opens Seaside Sculpture Park Featuring Student Artwork

June 20, 2016

No ribbons and scissors here—Seaside Sculpture Park was christened with a blowtorch and a metal sheet Monday. This creative spin opened the new public art showcase in Jacksonville Beach that displays...

View of Boathouse and lake bridges, 1978?

A Look Into the History of the Boathouse

June 17, 2016

For all of you whippersnappers that enjoy the stylish Boathouse with its sports bar ambiance (a bit of a tease for those under 21), you might not be aware that the Boathouse has seen many changes over...

Graphic by Ben Cross

UNF Digs: Early roots of the nature trails

June 10, 2016

Graphic by Ben Cross UNF Digs is a weekly column that delves into UNF’s archives to find treasures worth sharing. This column would be more of a snapshot of UNF’s history than an excerpt from a...

statue designed by Emily Pinnell

UNF sculptures to brighten up Jax Beach

June 3, 2016

  Five large-scale outdoor sculptures created by UNF students will be displayed at a new sculpture park on June 20th at 480 1st street south in Jacksonville Beach. The project is a culmination...

Graphic by Ben Cross

UNF Digs: Dr. Feelgood invited by Thomas G. Carpenter to teach music at UNF

June 3, 2016

UNF Digs is a weekly column that delves into UNF’s archives to find treasures worth sharing. This column would be more of a snapshot of UNF’s history than an excerpt from a history textbook. But...

Maitland Harvey

Maitland Harvey: A caring soul who soared above and beyond

June 1, 2016

Kim Harvey loved to read the books of Anne Rice, the author of many vampire-themed novels such as The Vampire Armand and Queen of the Damned. She flipped through one of those Rice novels and found the...

How Jacksonvilles budding literary scene may have started on UNF soil

How Jacksonville’s budding literary scene may have started on UNF soil

June 1, 2016

Of all the places for this well-established journal, Fiction Fix began in a classroom at UNF, the same classroom where current editor-in-chief and UNF alumni Apri Wilder first met Creative Writing Professor...

Graphic by Ben Cross

UNF Digs: UNF was almost located downtown

May 27, 2016

UNF Digs is a weekly column that delves into UNF's archives to find treasures worth sharing. This column would be more of a snapshot of UNF’s history than an excerpt from a history textbook. But let...

Google Image

Barefoot running improves memory, UNF study finds

May 18, 2016

Running barefoot may not only be good for the sole, but for your memory too. A new study conducted by University of North Florida (UNF) researchers found that running barefoot for about 16 minutes improved...

 Screenshot from Facebook

UNF Dive Club invites students to swim with sharks

May 10, 2016

If you need a break from taking summer classes, working full-time or anything else that’s busying your summer, consider taking a trip to swim with the shark. The UNF Dive Club is advertising for students...

Student shows Maddex, a five-year-old with cerebral palsy, how to use the joystick in order to drive the car.  (Courtesy of Joanna Norris)

UNF Adaptive Toy Project moving forward with more funding

April 30, 2016

The UNF Adaptive Toy Project cruises forward with more federal funding to continue the project that creates toys that help children learn more about their world. The National Institutes of Health awarded...

Teal Kane was fortunate enough to participate on Wheel of Fortune, and her hard work paid after she winning  $10,000 on the show. (Photo courtesy of Teal Kane)

UNF student wins big on “Wheel Of Fortune”

April 25, 2016

Surrounded by cactus plants and a hacienda themed stage, UNF student Teal Kane spun the big wheel on America’s game show “Wheel of Fortune” on April 26. Although Kane didn’t place first at the...

Matt Beigun, the man responsible for bringing Ozzie Osprey to life, is retiring. Photo by Jenn Mello

The Swoop Out: Matt Beigun retiring after nine years of Ozzie

April 21, 2016

The man behind the suit of the beloved Ozzie Osprey mascot announced his retirement after nine years of springing up school spirit for the University of North Florida. Matt Biegun made the announcement...

Courtesy of Spinnaker Media

The Week Ahead: Mar. 22 – Mar. 25

March 22, 2016

Welcome back, Ospreys! Get back into the groove of things with these on-campus events.   Tuesday, Mar. 22 - Anime and Japanese Media Club Meeting What: Enjoy and discuss various animated and...

People of UNF: Anticipating Spring break

People of UNF: Anticipating Spring break

March 10, 2016

Spring break 2016 is approaching fast, and many students are prepping for their trips. But everyone has different definitions of spring break. Hear are a few stories on the spring break experience for...

Courageous Heart: UNF Student took on the Stage for Embedded Within mentoring program

Courageous Heart: UNF Student took on the Stage for “Embedded Within” mentoring program

March 8, 2016

Correction: Due to the reporter's error, the "Simon Cowell" panelist was mis-identified. This person is Russ Thomas, CEO of Availity, and he was who awarded extra money. The Spinnaker holds accuracy...

More formal names of the hoverboard include Zero G Hands Free Segway and 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter.

UNF Housing bans hoverboard use and storage in residence halls

January 8, 2016

  The Department of Housing and Residence Life is prohibiting the storage and use of hoverboards and similar self-balancing scooters in residential rooms as well as in any interior area of a housing...

Graduating Senior awarded for nonprofit and service work on campus and in community

Graduating Senior awarded for nonprofit and service work on campus and in community

December 11, 2015

Today is the day, when UNF students will receive their degree during UNF’s fall commencement. Some students will be recognized for service work and volunteerism in college, including UNF student Kyle...

UNF offers active shooter training course

UNF offers active shooter training course

November 13, 2015

Starting in January, UNF will provide a new online course that will help teachers and other professionals on how to prepare themselves for, prevent or survive an active shooter. The Institute of Police...

Profile: Who is Sigma Beta Rho?

Profile: Who is Sigma Beta Rho?

November 13, 2015

Sigma Beta Rho is the first national multicultural fraternity. Since its establishment in 1996, the Sigma Beta Rho (SBR) has been active in 21 states with 45 chapters, totaling to 3270 members nationwide....

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be the favored choice for Democrats in Florida. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Second UNF poll says Hillary Clinton is on top of other candidates

October 23, 2015

The University of North Florida revealed in its latest poll that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appears to be the most popular Democratic primary candidate by a significant margin,...

Guns on college campuses bill passes another senate committee

Guns on college campuses bill passes another senate committee

October 20, 2015

A bill (SB 68) that would allow concealed weapons on college campuses passed Tuesday, Oct. 20 by the Senate Higher Education committee. Florida senator Greg Evers, who is the bill’s sponsor, confirmed...

Big Sean hypes up the crowd. 

Photo by Michael Herrera

Big Sean delivers a thunderous performance at UNF

October 8, 2015

Big name rapper Big Sean delivered “blessings on blessings” in front of a full crowd on Thursday, Oct. 8 at the Coxwell Amphitheater at a concert produced by Osprey Productions. UNF students and...

Big Sean tickets sell out, students advised to arrive early

Big Sean tickets sell out, students advised to arrive early

October 8, 2015

General admission tickets have sold out for the Big Sean concert according to Osprey Productions, which means there’s going to be a lot of folks trying to find parking. Avoid the traffic by arriving...

Student Government President Hailey Guerra cuts the ribbon while SG Vice President Jordan Wilson dodges the sharp blades. Photo by Michael Herrera

UNF Field House open for play

October 6, 2015

The Field House opened up for student use at its grand reopening on Oct. 5. The facility features three convertible courts with drop-down curtain partitions to separate games in play. The Field House...

Posters are as colored and varied as the students who purchase them. 

Photo by Michael Herrera

Poster sale reveals student passions and interests

September 25, 2015

This week was poster sale week at UNF. Students plaster slick images of their heroes and passions onto their walls in order to express their own identities. The five-day sale traditionally hosted at...

The stresses of work and the first hand experiences of drug addiction lead Matthews into his works.

Photo by Michael Herrera

Franklin Matthews creates empathy and peace in “Lucida” exhibit

September 18, 2015

The “Lucida” exhibit, visiting UNF until Dec. 11, 2015, is the result of a man trying to create, visualize and experience empathy. The Lufrano Art Gallery is currently hosting pieces created by...

Student cyclists ride out with food delivery business

Student cyclists ride out with food delivery business

September 17, 2015

UNF students can now have food delivered to them via bicycle. College Couriers is a budding student-run food delivery service that can bike anywhere within a five-mile radius of the university. Brandon...

A construction worker installs flooring in the new Field House facility. 
Photo by Michael Herrera

UNF’s Field House scheduled to open in September

August 24, 2015

UPDATE - 8/26/15 at 11:25 p.m. According to Campus Recreation, the field house is scheduled to open in September, but may open later in October. * * * Construction on UNF’s new Field House,...

Graphic by David Guerrero

UNF looks to smoke out tobacco use with voluntary measure

August 10, 2015

As of Aug. 1, UNF is officially a tobacco-free campus. After four years of surveying and planning, the Breathe Fresh campaign’s voluntary regulation aims to provide a healthier campus environment...

Senate tables funding request, fills two seats, accepts Real Food Challenge

Senate tables funding request, fills two seats, accepts Real Food Challenge

July 20, 2015

Video shot and edited by Michael Herrera UPDATE - 7/31/2015 at 4:02 p.m. Leaders of the Student Government Branches presented and updated the Senate with a branch report. Katie Jackson, Director of...

Drummer Matt Hearn kicks up the beat with Steins hard-hitting vocals during Dont Let Me Break Your Heart Again.Photo by Danae Leake

Jungle of Music: Turbo Fruits and Surfer Blood pack a musical punch at Jack Rabbits

July 15, 2015

Jack Rabbits emanated a sort of musical jungle as recent host to Turbo Fruits and Surfer Blood. Sweaty and screaming fans were only part of the full experience. Green stage lights transformed the unmistakable...

Dr. Earle Traynham, officially named provost and vice president of academic affairs after serving as interim provost for two years.Photo courtesy UNF website

Delaney announces new provost after two-year search

June 29, 2015

UNF President John Delaney announced this morning that Dr. Earle Traynham is being appointed as UNF’s provost and vice president of academic affairs. In an email, Delaney said Traynham understood...

UNF places fourth on Affordable College’s Best Online Programs list

UNF places fourth on Affordable College’s Best Online Programs list

June 3, 2015

The University of North Florida topped the charts, ranking fourth place and higher than Florida State University, for best online educational program in Florida, according to Affordable Colleges Online's...

Osprey of the Year award recipient Stephen Putnam stands with Athletic Coach of the Year award recipient Matthew Driscoll (left) and  SG Director of Communications and Marketing Gracie Lopresti (right).
Photo by Aidan Scurti

Esprey Awards recognize campus community members’ work

April 15, 2015

Several UNF students, athletes, musicians, an athletic coach and a Greek organization took home awards recognizing their achievements throughout the 2014-2015 school year tonight, April 15 at Student...

From the pitch deck to the newsroom: UNF students and alumni share their ideas at One Spark

From the pitch deck to the newsroom: UNF students and alumni share their ideas at One Spark

April 13, 2015

Over 300,000 people attended this year’s One Spark festival and its creators garnered 117,170 crowd votes, according to its press release. The creator stretch germinated the swapping, spreading and...

Bright colored candies fill this second-floor room at Sweet Pete’s.
Photo by Justin Belichis

Hand pulled and pinched at the end: Sweet Pete’s twist on a “dying” art

March 30, 2015

Sweet Pete’s is Hemming Plaza’s new kid on the block. The historic multi-story Seminole Club building, underneath the whizzing Jacksonville Skyway, has been converted into an emporium of treats,...

Holi moli: UNF spreads love through color

Holi moli: UNF spreads love through color

March 9, 2015

Blue and pink clouds puff from the crowd of students. The vibrant pigments powder students wearing sunglasses, visualizing the brightness of diversity. It’s a playful war with happiness and laughter...

The march continues: civil rights lawyer Morris Dees speaks at UNF

The march continues: civil rights lawyer Morris Dees speaks at UNF

February 27, 2015

America has made strides for justice in equality in the last hundred years. Women can vote, African Americans can vote and same-sex marriage is legal in more than 30 states. UNF presented trial lawyer...

Photo by Morgan Purvis

Think ink: balancing textbooks and a tattoo machine

January 30, 2015

Disclaimer: the answers in this interview have been altered for length and clarity. It was a crisp, cool morning when I spoke with Will Buenavista, a 23-year-old fine arts junior at UNF. After walking...

Many alumni and students gathered for this event, located at UNF Gallery of Art in Founder’s Hall.   Photo by Kristen Smith

No division: five UNF Art and Design students win awards in a competition designed to exhibit diverse forms of art

January 26, 2015

Five UNF Art and Design students received awards for their artwork in the 2015 Student Juried Annual Exhibition Jan. 22 at the UNF Gallery of Art. The award types include best 3D, best 2D, two...

(From bottom to top) Eric Broe, Garrett Llopiz, and James Fowler stabilize one another as they balance.
Photo by Morgan Purvis

It’s time to fly: Jacksonville’s budding AcroYoga community

January 15, 2015

Admittedly, I didn’t know what to expect when I set foot on the giant grassy field of Memorial Park in Riverside on Jan. 11. But it was easy to spot the group from afar. About 10 people were paired...

BAC unanimously approves more than $28,000 in grants

BAC unanimously approves more than $28,000 in grants

January 13, 2015

Student Government’s Budget and Allocations Committee (BAC) unanimously approved six requests Jan. 12, its first meeting of 2015.  Nine committee members heard from requesters and granted two special...

SG president officially announces new vice president

SG president officially announces new vice president

January 9, 2015

And the new vice president is… The announcement of the departure of Student Government Vice President Anthony Stevens echoed within the walls of the largely empty Senate Chamber at 10 a.m. on Jan....

Diversity within UNF

November 21, 2014

Even though 70 percent of UNF students are white, students still say the university is diverse. Each year, the university gathers data on the demographics of its students, including the breakdown...

Checks and balances: how Student Government functions

November 6, 2014

The University of North Florida Student Government consists of three branches -- legislative, judicial and executive -- just like the national government. Each branch has its own designated purpose....

UNF students take back the night

October 6, 2014

The sun dips behind the city skyline and evening comes to a close. A woman alone walks around the corner toward her car. The sound of her heels echoes off the walls of an empty alley. She is a mouse,...

Album Review: Cineplexx’s Florianopolis is a colorful soundtrack with a beachy mood

April 11, 2014

Be ready to add colorful flavor to your summer music palette. After listening to Cineplexx’s Florianopolis, released April 7th, you will be entering into your own tropical world. The 13-track album...

‘The Winter Soldier’ is a Marvel fanatic’s dream

April 2, 2014

If you’re a Marvel junkie, then the upcoming sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, will give you a fix. It goes from rescuing hostages to French pirates to a speedy car chase in the nation’s...

The Freddy Pigeons: An interview with We The King’s Travis Clark

March 14, 2014

After the release of their crowdfunded self-produced fourth album, Somewhere Somehow, Florida-based pop-rock band We the Kings is ready to launch their tour. Spinnaker sat down for a phone interview...

Wiz Khalifa replacing Kesha

March 13, 2014

Osprey Productions Director John Chwalisz announced that Wiz Khalifa will perform at Osprey Productions' spring concert instead of Kesha, whom OP originally booked back in November. Chwalisz said Kesha...

Nationally acclaimed writers coming to UNF as part of Douglas Anderson Writers’ Festival

March 6, 2014

[wzslider height="300" info="true" lightbox="true"] UNF students have the opportunity to pick the brains of some of the most well-established authors in the nation Saturday, possibly free of charge. At...

Shovels & Rope play Jack Rabbits, show love for music and one another

February 17, 2014

Shovels & Rope played Jack Rabbits on Feb. 13. “Thank you for being our first time. You’re an experienced audience”, Cary Ann Hearst said. She is the first half of Shovels & Rope,...

Spinnaker Radio gets broadcast permit

February 6, 2014

  Spinnaker Radio is one step closer to a FM frequency in Jacksonville. The Federal Communications Commission confirmed Feb. 6 that UNF has the construction permit to build a low power...

Black on The Green

February 4, 2014

Students stood together in protest against a pipeline project deemed environmentally harmful. Divest UNF, a student-led campaign of 360.org called Go Fossil Free*, organized an event Feb. 3 it called...

Student fee increases proposed for 2014-15

January 29, 2014

The UNF Athletics Department made the largest fee increase request for the second year in a row. Of the six organizations that presented to the Student Fee Assessment Committee, only three requested...

New Years crash driver attends pretrial hearing

January 28, 2014

Former UNF student Sean Frederik Franke, 21, went to court for his pretrial hearing the morning of Jan. 28. He faces charges of DUI manslaughter for his involvement in Dara Kusiv’s death as well as...

Vice President cites lack of trust and competence as reason for resigning

January 21, 2014

Vice President William ‘Billy’ Namen resigned from his position, citing the lack of trust and morals within Student Government as the reason. In his resignation letter emailed 8 a.m. on Jan. 21...

New dorm key system in the works

January 13, 2014

The Housing Department plans to upgrade from UNF’s current Intellikey system to one that offers more applications to users, like email notification. Robert Boyle, Director of Housing, said they...

Rising housing rates

November 26, 2013

Housing rates for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year are projected to increase. The average increase for all housing on campus is 3.29%. This average is based on the increase for nine most occupied...

Students get involved to help Typhoon Haiyan victims

November 19, 2013

Haidy Andrada’s family are lucky to live in an area that was safe from Typhoon Haiyan. Andrada, UNF student and a member of the Filipino Student Association, is one of many caught in the aftermath...

Pita Pit coming to campus

November 14, 2013

Student Government’s Student Body President, Carlo Fassi, confirmed the Osprey Clubhouse will feature a Pita Pit in April 2014. Joseph Turner, Student Government’s Student Body Treasurer, said Pita...

Clubhouse to open next summer

November 13, 2013

The Osprey Clubhouse should open summer 2014. Zak Ovadia, director of Campus Planning*, said construction is ahead of schedule because of good management. Other than some difficulty in separating...

Threats against UNF deemed not credible

October 16, 2013

On Oct. 5, UPD received a report that a former UNF student posted a disturbing message on Facebook. Part of the suspect’s post said, “You should all be aware, you screwed with the wrong guy. I’m...

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