Student reports sexual battery

Rebecca Rodriguez

Logo-policebeatAn officer was dispatched to Osprey Cove on Feb.16 to meet with a victim of possible sexual battery.

The female victim, 19, said she had been sexually battered. She said a male suspect came into her room on Feb. 15, forced himself on her, and bit her neck.

The officer didn’t find any bite marks when he checked the victim’s neck.

The on-call victim’s advocate was notified of the incident.

The victim was given a victim’s rights brochure and was told of on campus services available to her.

UNFPD said the male suspect is known. A clery warning was not put out because UNFPD feels the suspect is not likely to bother anyone else.

Clery reports are required to be put up at universities when a crime is considered serious or an ongoing threat to students and faculty.

This case is not cleared. There is to be a detective follow-up.

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