Summer B kicks off with BBQ, camels, and more


The Spinnaker is on the scene during the Summer B Kickoff events hosted by the university and Student Government. Most recent updates will be posted nearest the top of the page. Check back often for new content…

Thursday, June 26: USA vs Germany match at the game room

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Come support USA with your red, white, and blue or just your enthusiastic eyes on the screen.  Students could view FIFA World Cup matches at the game room. Check out USA’s matches and the rest of the competition during game room hours.

Wednesday, June 25: camels for Hump Day, massages for Spa Day

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Did you know camels were so tall? Students had the opportunity to ride these cud-chewing cuties on Wednesday and the reaction was apparent: UNF students like camels.

Check out some photos from the event as well, featuring excited students – and one goodnatured man who didn’t mind his ‘struggle’ with the camels to be documented:

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Students could relax after their first couple days of the new semester by receiving a massage… or a manicure – anything to help you feel relaxed and fabulous.

We managed to stop in and catch a couple students getting their chill on, and you can see who we featured below:

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Monday, June 23: the cookout at the Clubhouse

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To celebrate the start of Summer B and the opening of the Clubhouse earlier this month, students were invited to come hang out by the pool, play some pool, and enjoy some delish BBQ.