Boozey hide-and-seek and more

Sarah Ricevuto

The following information is according to a report from the UNF Police Department.

Boozey hide-and-seek

alcohol-spinnaker-wolfeAn officer dispatched to Osprey Cove on Sept. 7 found four people hiding (only one UNF student) in the dorm’s bathroom with open containers of alcohol and another student hiding in the closet behind a curtain.

Initially dispatched for a noise complaint, the officer had been given permission to enter the room. The non-UNF students said another student, not present, let them into the room. A UNF Housing staff member called the student, who said she refused to return to the room.

All the students admitted that they had consumed alcohol while in the room. The UNF students involved were underage while the three non-UNF students were of legal drinking age. The alcohol was thrown out, six UNF students were referred to Student Conduct and the three non-UNF students present were trespassed from UNF property.

Missing parking decal

A UNF student reported a stolen parking permit decal on Sept. 5. The student told officers her vehicle was parked on the top floor of Garage 44 the night before. The officer noticed scrape marks and adhesive on the car where the decal was.

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