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Kaitlin Ramirez on noncompliance, vague statutes and the tension in SG

Kaitlin Ramirez on noncompliance, vague statutes and the tension in SG

Sarah Ricevuto December 5, 2014
Spinnaker sat down with former Senate President Kaitlin Ramirez to discuss her perspective on the noncompliances issued against her, the vague statutes and the tension in Student Government while she was senate president that preceded her decision to not seek re-election in the legislative cabinet.

Your Voice, Your Choice: voting for more than free pizza

Sarah Ricevuto October 24, 2014
The general apathy noted from UNF voter turnout may stem from not only the fault of students but also the efforts of Student Government. After three semesters of no elections, students now have the opportunity to vote for student leaders starting next Tuesday.

Review: ‘Gone Girl’ leaves a lasting impression

Sarah Ricevuto October 22, 2014
"Gone Girl," which was released released as a film on Oct. 3, has been on the New York Times Best Sellers fiction book list for 98 weeks. Two reporters give side-by-side reviews on both the novel and film versions of this notorious thriller story.

Police Beat: honest pot smokers, art vandals and steam cleaning mishaps

Sarah Ricevuto October 3, 2014
On Oct. 1, UNFPD reported a honest pot smoker, a sprinkler malfunction at an Osprey Fountains dorm, marijuana possession and vandalism of a new art installation.

UNF students hunt for parking

Sarah Ricevuto October 2, 2014
Every year, parking is a common complaint among UNF students and faculty. Does the problem lie with the availability of spots or how far drivers are forced to walk?

Engineering course rebuilds children’s toy cars to aid in rehabilitation

Sarah Ricevuto October 2, 2014
Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and physical therapy students at UNF are working together to aid children with physical disabilities in rehabilitation. Students build toy cars for the children, build sensors to record data of children learning and work with the children in their rehabilitation process.

Security could tighten after vandalism on the Nature Trails

Sarah Ricevuto October 1, 2014
Vandalism on the Nature Trails could lead to more security after two signs were stolen and a memorial boulder was vandalized.

Police Beat: Mary Jane likes to stick around

Sarah Ricevuto October 1, 2014
In the past week, a UNF employee driving a forklift caused $1,000 damage to a Ford Taurus, and several students have been sent to Student Conduct for marijuana possession.

Police Beat: weed and wheels, wheels and rails

Sarah Ricevuto September 26, 2014
A UNFPD officer made a traffic stop on Sept. 24 and discovered marijuana, while a UNF employee heard a disturbance on the roof on Sept. 25 and discovered property damage.

Police Beat: locked keys, pipes and missing cautionary signs

Sarah Ricevuto September 22, 2014
On Sept. 19, UNFPD reported finding drug paraphernalia while helping a student retrieve his keys in a locked car. Meanwhile, cautionary signs of the Native Heart Island bridge have been reported missing.

The “teaching” university is not afraid to get practical

Sarah Ricevuto September 22, 2014
UNF took its classification as a “teaching” university, added some research and created a uniquely practical and hands-on education for its students.

Police Beat: lost everything but the weed

Sarah Ricevuto September 19, 2014
In the past week, a number of items have been reported stolen including a parking decal, bicycle and two laptops, while marijuana has been found in the Osprey Fountains.

UNFPD officer assaulted, suspect at large

Sarah Ricevuto September 11, 2014
A UNFPD officer stopped a suspect biking under a covered walkway and in a garage to write him a citation on Sept. 9. The suspect attempted to flee but was held down by the officer. The suspect resisted and is now at large.

A public bubble bath and lost weed

Sarah Ricevuto September 9, 2014
Someone dropped a baggie in the Student Union and a group of students have a late night bubble bath in the UNF fountain.

Boozey hide-and-seek and more

Sarah Ricevuto September 8, 2014
Underage drinkers, one student and three non-UNF students, were found hiding in a dorm bathroom to avoid officers, and more.

A student and his technicolored bong set

Sarah Ricevuto September 5, 2014
One student resident handed over an abundance of illegal substances and paraphernalia after consenting to a search of his room.

Weed, weed and more weed

Sarah Ricevuto September 3, 2014
Your garden variety weed busts, an exceptional case of self-incrimination and an employee who has a golf cart mishap.

Online voting is coming to UNF

Sarah Ricevuto September 20, 2013
This year the Elections and Appointments Committee is working to allow students to vote from home, via an online voting system. Despite the online voting system, polling centers will still be set up.

Highlights from Sept. 13 Senate Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto September 13, 2013
The Military and Veteran’s Resource Center was granted $25,000 from the Student Union Fund Balance as initial funding for a Veterans Memorial. A request from the Executive Branch for $16,064.71 to fund an office build out was granted.

Highlights from the Sept. 6 B&A Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto September 8, 2013
Funding requests from a variety of UNF groups.

Lobbying for UNF students

Sarah Ricevuto April 29, 2013
A new office within Student Government has been created to make sure UNF student voices are heard by legislators in Tallahassee year-round.

Emergency B&A meeting and senate highlights April 15

Sarah Ricevuto April 16, 2013
Remaining travel request budget exhausted, Student Union receives funding and executive cabinet confirmed.

Rally in Tally for higher education

Sarah Ricevuto April 9, 2013
Students from each of the 11 Florida state universities gathered in Tallahassee to lobby for lower tuition.

Volunteer Center made inactive

Sarah Ricevuto April 4, 2013
Student Body President, Carlo Fassi, made an executive order late on April 3 that said that the Volunteer Center would be made inactive due to cost inefficiency.

Student Government smoking forum

Sarah Ricevuto April 4, 2013

This week’s open forum for having a proposed tobacco free campus had more than one student show up. Eric Armetta, political science junior, was the first student to speak. Armetta is a non-smoker...

Giant duck

Sarah Ricevuto April 2, 2013
The pond by the library has a new resident -- giant yellow duck.

State of the Student Union

Sarah Ricevuto March 28, 2013
Carlo Fassi, student body president, delivered the State of the Student Union Monday night. Fassi outlined the accomplishments of student government over the past year and what they hope to acheive in the year to come.

Lucky number 25

Sarah Ricevuto March 26, 2013
The Florida Lottery came to UNF March 25 to celebrate its 25th anniversary and unveil its new slogan -- “25 Years, 25 Billion in Education”.

Where are the tumbleweeds?

Sarah Ricevuto March 15, 2013

The table is tucked into the corner- half under a stone staircase. The students sitting behind it are casually dressed. There is nothing to distinguish them from the students they are speaking too. The...

Highlights from the March 11 Senate Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto March 12, 2013
Two positions combined. Nominations for the Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Senate President and Committee Chairs.

March 4 B&A Meeting Highlights

Sarah Ricevuto March 5, 2013

The budget and allocations committee delegated on three travel requests. UNF Potters Guild to visit conference The UNF Potters Guild requested $2269.64 to bring nine members to the National Council...

Lydia, the 2000 lb shark

Sarah Ricevuto March 5, 2013

Lydia has been tagged and her actions are now being monitored. Lydia is a great white shark -- she's 2,000 lbs, 14”6. Shark research group, OCEARCH, tagged the great white shark off the coast...

Fassi reelected by court ruling

Sarah Ricevuto March 1, 2013

It is official. Carlo Fassi is running unopposed for Student Body President in the Spring 2013 election. Fassi will win by default. Friday’s Elections Supreme Court hearing began in a similar...

Fassi still unopposed: appeal denied

Sarah Ricevuto February 28, 2013
An appeal denied on Feb. 27 makes it more likely that only one name will appear on the Spring ballot for Student Body President: incumbent Carlo Fassi.

Students’ voices heard in Tallahassee

Sarah Ricevuto February 26, 2013

The words and signatures of over a thousand angry UNF students were delivered to legislators in Tallahassee last Wednesday. The Aim Higher campaign’s goal is to end budget cuts to state higher...

Senate updates for Feb. 25

Sarah Ricevuto February 26, 2013

Reformatting candidacy requirements A bill was proposed to make the constitution clearer on candidacy requirements. The bill was meant to convert the paragraph listing the qualifications for candidacy...

Spring ballot spot still up for grabs

Sarah Ricevuto February 26, 2013
The list of intended candidates for student body president dwindled from three to one, but this spring’s ballot could still offer two names.

Fassi could run unopposed

Sarah Ricevuto February 21, 2013
A Wednesday court meeting will decide whether there are one or two names on the ballot for Student Body President.

Feb. 18 B&A Meeting Highlights

Sarah Ricevuto February 19, 2013

Travel Request Amended UNF Wrestling Team requested $1875.90 to attend a competition. The request was amended to $1665.90. UNF Wrestling will have to fundraise to cover the last $210 in registration...

How to pick a president

Sarah Ricevuto February 18, 2013

If you’ve ever complained that your voice is not being heard on campus, now is your chance to make it happen. Come the elections on March 12-13, students will be able to choose new senators to...

One billion rise against violence

Sarah Ricevuto February 15, 2013

In a crowd of V-Day celebrators, a t-shirt says “Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution” in red and black. UNF students are sharing in a revolution. One out of three women will be beaten or raped...

Highlights from Feb. 11 Senate Meeting

Sarah Ricevuto February 12, 2013

Learning about your legislation Thirty-nine senators and several students who aspire to be senators attended the legislative training approved at the Jan. 30 meeting. The training consisted of six...

Updates from Feb. 4 budget & allocations meeting

Sarah Ricevuto February 5, 2013

Upsilon Phi Delta gains funding Upsilon Phi Delta  requested funding for a trip to the Seventh Annual Case Competition in Birmingham, AL. The request for $2,000 was amended to an approximate $1,900...

Greek letters assaulted: beaten, broken and drowned

Sarah Ricevuto February 4, 2013

When asked about the vandalism, Laura Worrell, Asst. Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, said, “Oh. You mean Alphabet Soup.” For the past couple of weeks, the Student Union has been filled...

Senate split over spring election voting changes

Sarah Ricevuto January 30, 2013

Debate arose at the Jan. 28 Senate meeting about a sudden amendment to a bill to change Student Government voting procedures. SB-13S-2667 allows for straight party voting where students are able to...

Who misses Transloc?

Sarah Ricevuto January 28, 2013

Since shuttle routes changed, the system students use to track shuttle locations and their ETAs to different stops on campus has not been in operation and some students are wondering why. Transloc,...

Two nursing student get involved at the state level

Sarah Ricevuto January 22, 2013

Imagine trying something new. Imagine being the first to do it. Two UNF nursing students did just that. Thuy Tran, a UNF nursing senior, and Vianca Cabrera, a UNF nursing junior, were recently elected...

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