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Police Beat: locked keys, pipes and missing cautionary signs

The following information is according to reports from the UNF Police Department.


On Sept. 19, an officer met with a student who locked his keys in his car. When the officer unlocked the vehicle and opened the door, there was a strong odor of marijuana. The officer asked the student if he had any marijuana or drug paraphernalia in the car. The student said he had a pipe.

The officer informed the student that he was going to conduct a drug investigation. The student gave the officer consent to search the car. The officer found a pipe and a package of rolling papers in the console.

The officer then asked if the student had anything in his dorm room. The student said he had another pipe and consented for the officer to search his room. At the dorm, the student produced a wooden pipe. The officer did not find anything else in the room.

The officer requested the student be referred to Student Conduct.

Illustrated by Zach Evans

Stolen Signs

An officer was called to Building 54 on Sept. 19 because two new signs were stolen from the bridge leading to Native Heart Island. The officer found that the signs were placed on wooden mounts in the middle of the bridge.

The complainant, an Eco-Adventure employee, said the signs were secured to the mounts with six screws and were put up on Sept. 17. They were missing from the wooden mounts on Sept. 18. The employee said she thought the signs were light enough to float in the water and were not seen in the water near the bridge.

The signs say, “No jumping or diving off the bridge, no swimming in the lake. Beware of alligators UNF.” The sign has a red picture of a person diving with a line going through it on the bottom left and a picture of a green alligator.

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