BREAKING-Delaney: UNF moves to fire Prof. Giuma


The results of a  more than four month investigation regarding Prof. Giuma were released Tuesday night in a notice to terminate, UNF President John Delaney said.

Delaney said Giuma will have the opportunity to meet with him if he wishes.

“We’ve always got to listen to the other side of the story,” Delaney said.

As to what the investigation studied, Delaney said it looked like a “totality of things.”

He also acknowledged that this included relationships with professors, and he would rule anything out as a factor that the investigation took into consideration including plagiarism allegations.]

At this point, Delaney could not confirm Giuma was aware of the results of the investigation.

Marc Snow from the UNF General counsel’s office was in charge of the investigation.

Prof. Tayeb Giuma has not returned voice mails regarding this investigation.