Neck and neck: Exit polls reveal close race between Red and United

Cameron Garrett

Students were able to vote in the Student Union, by the library, and online. Photo by Morgan Purvis
Students were able to vote in the Student Union, by the library and online.
Photo by Morgan Purvis

While exit polls conducted by Spinnaker show the United Party leading both the Red Party and Party For Action with 44 percent of the vote, the race is so close that the margin of error makes the results statistically too close to call.

The Red Party is in second place with 35.5 percent of the vote and Party For Action is in third with 20.5 percent. The percentages are based on Spinnaker’s sample size of 400 students.

The poll has a confidence interval (margin of error) of +/- 4.56 and a confidence level of 95 percent, based on calculations from a Creative Research Systems survey system.

While the United Party leads the Red Party by 8.5 percent in the poll, the margin of error requires a 9.12 percent difference in order for a clear determination to be made.

With an estimated voting population of 3,000 students over a two-day period, a sample size of 341 students was needed.

Spinnaker polled students consistently at both voting stations: the Student Union and library.

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