Swoop Madness, rivalry on mind


Last time, I mentioned practicing on the mini-trampoline and that it looks easier on TV. One week later and I feel the same way. Either way, I’m going to debut the stunt Oct. 17 at Swoop Madness.

It might be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen and end up on ESPN’s “Top 10 Plays.” Or you could witness a crash landing, resulting in a broken mass of bird. I’m excited!

Those smelly Dolphins from JU head this way Oct. 26 at 7 p.m. for a men’s soccer showdown. At halftime we’re giving away a free semester’s meal plan! I asked for a free meal plan, but could you imagine how much that would cost the university? Food is good. Free food is great!

I predict we’ll win 72-1, and the one reason JU would get a goal is because the second half we’ll play blindfolded to make things even.

Seriously, it should be a great game, and we need your help. I want my Ospreys to show up in force because the JU fans will too. Personally, I wouldn’t let them in the stadium because they’ll stink up the place.

So it’s agreed. I’ll see you all at Swoop Madness Oct. 17 and the men’s soccer game Oct. 26.