Local Eatery of the Week: Harpoon Louie’s

Courtney Stringfellow

Harpoon Louie's. Photo by Courtney Stringfellow
Harpoon Louie’s. Photo by Courtney Stringfellow

The smell of alcohol fills the pub as I enter a small waiting area. Music from a modern jukebox is playing, but it comes to a halt as customers get heated about a Steelers game playing on a flat screen television near the pool tables.

Waitresses greet regulars with their assumed pseudonyms at Harpoon Louie’s, a local pub in Avondale. This isn’t the place where hipsters keep their clothes clean, it’s a local bar with a welcoming atmosphere.

Harpoon Louie's menu. Photo by Courtney Stringfellow
Harpoon Louie’s menu. Photo by Courtney Stringfellow

The Buffalo Burger stood out from the menu with fresh ground buffalo, smoky barbeque sauce, sauteed mushrooms and onions (I’m clearly not a vegan). I quickly learned if you arrive too late in the evening, the kitchen might be out of your favorite dish.

I decided on the turkey club panini, featuring sliced turkey, juicy bacon, swiss cheese and a slice of tomato pressed between warm croissants. The side of garlic-herb roasted potatoes is appetizing for anyone who prefers chopped potatoes to fries, but eat the panini first.

Harpoon Louie’s key-lime pie is a simple dessert that stays true to its origins: it’s nothing fancy with graham cracker crust and an unsurprisingly tart center, but it’s a familiar way to finish the evening.

Harpoon Louie’s welcomes those getting to know the downtown community, and it may just slide shy lads and ladies out of their self-made shells.


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