UNF’s Sex Week is back on track

Marielisa Martinez

Photo by Marielisa Martinez
Photo by Marielisa Martinez

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center said UNF Sex Week 2017 will still be happening from March 6 to 10, despite recent changes to the schedule.

The LGBT Resource Center released an official statement today stating that the UNF Sex Week will still happen as planned, despite the previous cancellation attempts made by university officials.

Before publishing the center’s statement, there wasn’t any information available regarding 2017 Sex Week program and sessions, as the page that originally detailed Sex Week was taken down. Now, the page is back up.

The LGBT Resource Center informed the community that it will host panels and workshops on the spectrums of sexual communication, LGBT 101, campus safety, sexual harassment, violence, assault and other forms of oppression, as well as consensual sex.

In order to retain the events that were previously cancelled, the student organization, Pride Club, will host the panels regarding polyamory, sex toys, kinky-ness and BDSM culture. Pride Club will produce and present the events, “Coming out Kinky” and “Polyamory vs. Cheating,” originally proposed by the Relationship Equality Foundation Organization..

“We encourage our students to openly express and share their ideas with respect and civility,” stated Sex Week organizers in the statement, inviting students to openly talk about their sexuality questions and issues.

The LGBT Resource Center will release the official events program over the course of the week.