Police Beat: broken window, stolen shades and a flip phone

Cautionary tape surrounds certain areas to protect students from the shattered glass window. Photo by Alexandra Torres-Perez.

Caution! Havoc at the Boathouse

If you’ve walked by the Student Union Plaza, you will notice some areas blocked off with cautionary tape. On July 1, a UNFPD officer went to The Boathouse, but he wasn’t there for lunch. The building manager called UNFPD after an employee found a damaged window.

The window is a double-pane window right next to the main entrance of the Boathouse. According to the police report, the suspect used an unknown object to make a small round hole on the window that caused the exterior to shatter. Only the exterior pane of the window was damaged.

The outer pane of the Boathouse window was shattered by an unknown object. Photo by Alexandra Torres-Perez

The UNFPD officer searched the area for the object that may have caused the damaged, but did not find anything, the report stated. He was also not able to find any evidence from the surveillance video.

The case has now been closed due to lack of suspects and evidence. The window is still shattered, and the stairways are also blocked off until the damage is repaired.

Throwing Some Shade

A UNF employee went to UNFPD to report a pair of sunglasses missing that were valued at around $200 on July 6.

According to the police report, the UNF employee left his sunglasses in the bathroom at Alumni Hall on July 3. He returned a few hours later after he realized he left his sunglasses, but was not able to find it. The report also says that the victim contacted his co-workers, but nobody responded.

The sunglasses were described in the police report as silver rimless Ray-Bans with gray lenses. It also stated that there was a black Croakie sunglass holder attached to the glasses.

The case has been suspended due to a lack of evidence or suspects. 

Give me Back my Flip Phone!

Just when you thought flip phones were extinct, UNFPD received a report from a UNF employee on July 7 that his flip phone was missing.

The employee works as a control tech for Physical Facilities, and the phone was given to him by the university. The phone is a black Verizon phone with the employee’s name and number on the back of it.

According to the police report, the employee usually keeps the phone with his laptop in a computer bag, which he keeps at the Physical Facilities building. He noticed his phone was missing on May 22, but the laptop was still in the bag. The report states that he isn’t sure if he left his phone in a building or if the phone fell out of his bag.

Patrol efforts were suspended since it is unclear if the phone was taken or lost.

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