UNF students react to on campus shooting

Colin McCann and Tiffany Salameh

A shot was fired inside The Cove dorm, Building V this morning. Photo by Colin McCann

A UNF student fired a gun at the Osprey Cove dorm on Sept. 1. The student was identified as 18-year-old Cameron James Daniel.

Students residing at the Osprey Cove dorm are currently still in the building. Students were alerted via email through an Osprey Update that a gun was fired on campus.

Freshman Taylor Kelly lives in Cove Building V, where the shots were fired, and said she was surprised she didn’t hear any gunshots.

“I didn’t get an email at all,” Kelly said.

Aliya Gouveia also lives at the Cove and said, “I got an email that there was a shooter on campus, but he was arrested.”

Cove resident Alyssa Fischer said she was unaware a gun was fired at the dorms.

“This is a chill campus. I didn’t really think that could happen,” Fischer said.

Fischer said she believes guns are important, although they should not be permitted on campus.



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