Chief Mackesy: Officers “more visible” following racist video

Ronnie Rodgers

Video by Ronnie Rodgers 

UNFPD Chief Frank Mackesy detailed his department’s plans after a video surfaced earlier this week with alleged UNF students mocking participants of a Black Lives Matter Rally that happened on campus.

He said for the most part, patrol efforts will remain the same, but officers will likely be more visible on the core of the campus.

“You might see us more visible and we’ll be out walking around the university more instead of being in our cars, and you might see [officers] on their bikes,” Mackesy said.

President John Delaney said the university will do a “full and fair” investigation on the video, but Mackesy can not take any criminal action against the participants as of now because even though the video may be offensive, it did not technically break any laws.

“At this time, the video itself does not break any criminal laws,” Mackesy said. “From the perspective of just posting the video, there isn’t a criminal issue that [UNFPD] can investigate at this time.”

Mackesy had a message for students who are feeling uneasy since the video was made public.

“We’ve got your back, and we want to make sure everyone understands that there safety is just as important to [UNFPD] as it is to anyone else in the community,” Macksey said.

There are resources on campus for those who are feeling uneasy after the event. The Department of Diversity InitiativesCounseling Center and the Commission on Diversity and Inclusion are all available to help students during this time.

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