Police Beat Jan. 19, 2011


Jan 9- Property Damage (Lot 12)
A resident assistant contacted UPD in relation to damage to her vehicle. The driver’s side rear window had an orange “smiley face” painted on it sometime between Jan. 7-9 while the vehicle was parked in Lot 12. The paint appeared to be able to be removed with cleaner without damage to the glass. The RA did not know who could have painted the “smiley face” on her vehicle. Due to a lapse in reporting time and no physical evidence, the case has been suspended.Jan 9- Simple Battery (Osprey Crossing)
UPD was dispatched to the Osprey Crossings residence for a domestic disturbance. A male and female in an on-and-off dating relationship were involved in a dispute. When the officer arrived the female was crying and having difficulty breathing. Rescue was called but found the female to be ok after checking her condition. The couple was having a discussion when the female said something to upset the male and made him want to leave. She did not want her boyfriend to leave, grabbed him by the leg and would not let go. The male kicked her mirror in an attempt to make her let go. While they struggled on the floor, a TV was knocked over. The female got angry and bit the male on the neck and scratched his right arm. The male, who had been sleeping in the female’s room for three nights, was trespassed from the entire UNF campus because he was not a student. The investigation has been exceptionally cleared and prosecution was declined.Jan 13- Accidental Injury (Between Bldgs. 45 and 14)
A UNF employee slipped and fell on a sidewalk that had iced over between Buildings 45 and 14. She landed on her right hip and was unable to get up. She called out for help, and an unidentified student aided her. A coworker also came by in a golf cart and transported her to building 6 where UPD and rescue were dispatched. The victim was taken to Mayo Clinic for further assessment.

Jan 13- Information/Injury (39A- Student Health Services)
A student reported to UPD that she was injured after she slipped and fell on an iced over sidewalk by the Osprey Fountains. She injured her left wrist when she tried to catch herself. The student said there was a small handwritten sign on the building warning of ice. She wrapped her wrist with a bandage and was told to take ibuprofen for pain.

Jan 13- Possession (Osprey Fountains)
UPD reported to Osprey Fountains for a drug investigation. Two RAs were called to a room for a noise complaint when they noticed a slight smell of marijuana. Three individuals were in the room at the time the officer arrived. The resident of the room, a Florida State College student, was asked to step out and speak to the officer. The student admitted to smoking marijuana but said he did not have any more. The officer conducted a search of the student and the room and found a small glass pipe, a grinder, rolling papers, two water bongs, a black glass pipe, a scale, a glass jar of marijuana and a small bag of marijuana. Some of the paraphernalia belonged to one of the other individuals in the room. The third individual was cleared to leave. The two suspects were referred to conduct and given Notices to Appear.

Jan 12- Petty Theft (Library)
A student said she took a break to go to the restroom while she was studying on the second floor of the Library. When she returned, several of her belongings were missing. The items included a graphing calculator, a small bag and an 8 GB flash drive. She went to the circulation desk to see if anyone turned in her belongings, but no one had done so. Due to the victim’s delay in reporting the incident, a canvass of the area was not conducted and patrol efforts have been suspended.

Jan 8- Burglary (Lot 11/The Crossings)
A student left her vehicle parked in Lot 11 overnight but accidentally left it unlocked. When the victim returned to her vehicle Jan. 9, her parking decal was missing. There was no sign of forced entry to the vehicle, and nothing else was found missing or disturbed. The vehicle was not processed because the victim used it before the crime was reported.

Dec. 16- Burglary (Lot 9)
A student’s parking pass was stolen from his car Dec 16. The car was parked in Lot 9 between 11:55 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The victim states that during this time someone took his parking pass from his rear view mirror. The victim did not realize his pass was stolen until Jan. 6, however. The car was not processed due to the extended time lapse, lack of suspect and witnesses.Jan. 10 – Information/Sick Person (Bldg 51)
UPD was dispatched to building 51 in reference to a sick student. The student had repeatedly been putting on and taking off her jacket. She then began to sway in her seat. She fell out of her chair and hit her head either as she was falling or when she hit the ground. Rescue was called and the victim was transported to the Mayo Clinic Emergency Room.Jan. 4 – Grand Theft (Dorms- location unlisted)
A student reported that over the winter break, several of his belongings were stolen. On Dec. 10, the victim left campus for winter break. When he returned Jan. 4, he saw that his iMac desktop computer, keyboard, and mouse were all gone. The victim said the only people who had access to the room were his old roommate and a cleaning crew that had come in over the break. The officer attempted to get information about the former roommate and the cleaning crew through housing but was unsuccessful. The investigation continues.

Jan. 9 – Burglary (Osprey Crossings)
A student left his dorm room to get dinner, and when he returned he found his XBox, laptop and headsets were missing. The victim believes he locked the door but was not certain. The responding officer found no sign of forced entry but did dust for latent prints on an alarm clock that appeared to have been disturbed. A canvass of building Y was conducted but no witnesses were identified. The case has been suspended.

Jan. 9 – Petty Theft (Osprey Landing)
A student reported his television and remote were stolen over the winter break. The victim left campus Dec. 10 for winter break, and when he returned Jan. 9, he found his TV’s plastic wrapper on his dresser. At this time, he discovered his TV and remote missing. The victim did not have a roommate and had not invited anyone to his room or given permission to use his TV. The victim said he had put the TV under his bed because a cleaning crew was supposed to come in. The officer retrieved one latent fingerprint from the scene. The officer was unable to speak with housing about the incident due to the time of reporting.