John Moran shows students the status of Florida’s waters through photography

Angie Villada

Award-winning photographer John Moran gave a lecture at UNF about Florida’s spring waters on Tuesday, Feb. 20. Moran has been chasing blue waters for 40 years and his photography showed not just Florida’s contaminated spring waters, but also pictures of beautiful spring waters that give hope for a better tomorrow.

Moran wants to grab people’s attention because Floridians have failed to take care of their natural water.  He believes our water is our future and we decide what our legacy will be.

Angie Villada
John Moran talking about saving Florida’s natural waters.

“Laws won’t get us to where we need to be, the change we need won’t be found in
our laws.” Moran said. “The change we need must come from our hearts.”

It was difficult to see pictures of lost springs. Spring waters are important because it is where most of the water we drink comes from. Drinking spring water also has endless benefits. He believes “water is what sustains us, connects us and defines us.”

Moran explained how Florida is one of the top 20 travel destinations. Florida’s beautiful and rich waters are what attract tourists and people looking to move here. However, the magical waters may become mythical.

“[The] reality is, there is a harvest of change,” said Moran.“What will happen when the world sees what we have done to the waters?”

Spring waters have been neglected. Despite unveiling shocking images, he also delivered a message of hope. He presented photos of healthy springs, showing that not all is lost.

Healthy spring waters continue to thrive in Florida.  Ichetucknee Springs State Park is evidence of a beautiful spring that remains in the Sunshine State. Today this spring remains a Floridian treasure. Moran said he was stunned and in tears when he saw a picture of Ichetucknee Springs.

“Aren’t we the lucky ones to call this place home?” Moran said.

John Moran and David Moynahan
“Vortex Spring”

Florida springs are the state’s natural attraction. For example, people dive in to the unique Vortex Spring to explore another world of beautiful waters. Home to many manatees, Crystal River is another gem in Florida.

“Our springs are essential to Florida’s identity. Resistance to change is no longer an option.” Moran said. “Our public water is a public trust and saving them is the right thing to do. It’s time for a new era of an environment patriotism.”

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