Tour the art you’ve never noticed

Logan Ansteatt

Norman W. Gregory
Norman W. Gregory
Wood with mixed media
Gift of the Artist

There’s something enchanting about delving into the details of a place you’ve passed by hundreds of times. The Art in the Library tours at the Carpenter Library enable students to pause and reflect on some of the most striking pieces of art you’ve never noticed with your head buried in a textbook or computer.

Through the four floors of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library, you’ll find wood that explains the history of communication, Flex-a-rock paintings by a roller coaster designer and a photograph that is also featured in the Smithsonian for its historical and cultural significance.

Featuring work by artists predominantly located in the northeast Florida region, the tours commemorate the art gathered over the past 10 years in the library. Instead of walking in someone else’s shoes, the tour permits you to see through an artist’s eyes.

Jen Jones Murray did an impeccable job of explaining the rich history and stories of how each painting and exhibit was brought to life. The tour was equally informative as personal, and fulfilled the “more than just a number” mantra so often uttered during UNF college tours.

The Art in the Library tour connected me to UNF and Jacksonville like few on-campus events have. I won’t spoil the tour further, just know that the experience is a valuable use of your time. Tours take place on the first Friday of every month. Tickets can be found here.

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