Swoopin Up the Cigs spreads awareness of a smoke-free campus

Aisling Glocke, Managing Editor

You don’t realize how much of something you have until you go ahead and count it. That’s exactly what the Healthy Osprey Ambassadors are doing when it comes to cigarette butts on campus.

“We’re out here to clean up our campus, and then people are going to get these baggies and a pair of gloves, and they’re supposed to fill up the bag with cigarette butts,” Lauren Suggs, a Healthy Osprey Ambassador, explained. “They’ll then get a campus map and we’ve highlighted hot spots on campus where there have been people known to smoke in these areas.”

Even though UNF is a smoke-free campus, many students ignore the policy and continue to smoke anyhow. The Healthy Osprey Ambassadors are hoping to spread the word to fellow ospreys that UNF is a smoke-free campus and that policy should not be overlooked.

“It’s important to be aware of the campus policy,” Suggs said. “It’s actually a smoke-free campus, but unfortunately not everyone knows that and not everyone complies with that. So we’re just trying to clean up our campus and make people aware that it actually is a smoke-free campus.”


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