2020 democratic presidential candidate: Mike Gravel

Alex Toth

Age: 88

Experience: U.S. Senator from Alaska (1969-1981)

Fun Fact: Gravel served as the CEO of KUSH, a company which makes marijuana-infused products for recreational and medicinal use.

Gravel is possibly the most interesting candidate in the entire Democratic field, for the simple reason that he doesn’t actually want to be President. The goal of Gravel’s campaign is to make it to the debate stage in order to be a voice for several progressive issues. Among these issues include a pacifist foreign policy, massive military spending cuts, providing housing, internet access, and other amenities as rights of American citizens, and implementing term limits for all federal judges, including Supreme Court justices.

Even though Gravel is the oldest candidate in the race, at age 88, his campaign is run by a duo of progressive teenagers from New York. Unfortunately for Gravel, his campaign staff have made some rather incendiary comments – not approved by Gravel himself- towards other Democratic candidates on Gravel’s own Twitter account.


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