Social media users urge Walmart to stop selling firearms

Erik Feliciano

Last week, a hate-fueled crime claimed the lives of over 20 people in El Paso, Texas. Another gun-related act of violence claimed the lives of 2 Walmart employees in Mississippi.

This sparks the question: should firearms continue to be sold at Walmart? According to news4jax, in the past Walmart has increased the age at which you could purchase a gun from 18 to 21, as well as discontinuing the selling of automatic weapons as of 2015. Now, after the recent tragedy that took place, many people are requesting that Walmart end the sale of guns altogether.

Walmart faced hundreds of phone calls and tweets to outright stop the sale of firearms completely.


Studies have shown that limiting the availability of guns can reduce gun related violence. Another study reiterates the same conclusion.

According to this CNN article, Walmart has stopped the advertisement of video games depicting violence and guns of any form for the time being.

As for firearms, Walmart has yet to make a comment on if they plan to do anything whether it be put tighter restrictions on the guns they sell or end the sales completely.

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