UNF Professors get NASA grants



University of North Florida professors and students continue their ground-breaking work in the fields of physics and engineering with the help of the Florida Space Grant Consortium (FSGC).

FSGC provides “space-related fellowships, scholarships and internships”, and supports “research opportunities, and academic-NASA-industry partnerships,” according to their website.


UNF Physics professors, Dr. Nirmal Patel and Dr. Jay Huebner have both been partially funded for research projects with students by the FSGC.


Dr. Patel is launching his third ozone sensor, designed to test the levels of ozone in the Earth’s stratosphere, in a balloon in September of this year. Dr. Huebner is part of a “sensors group” that has patented chemical sensors that detect 130 different analytes, or chemicals like caffeine, ethanol or mercury.


Find out more about the FSGC’s connection with UNF and Dr.’s Patel and Huebner’s work in next week’s issue of the Spinnaker.