Scandal on Candy Cane Lake: Howard the Duck spotted with new love interest

Courtney Green, News Editor

Sparks and feathers flew on Candy Cane Lake when Howard the Duck was spotted with a new friend, the very mysterious brown duck. Before UNF’s short hurricane break, Spinnaker received a news tip outing the ducks’ courtship on the lake.

Nathan Turoff, a communications major here at UNF, uncovered the affair through some investigative journalism. 

“I know Howard is reputed as the sole duck in Candy Cane Lake, but today I actually saw him hanging with another duck,” he wrote to Spinnaker, with pictures to prove his claim.

Howard the Duck with the mysterious brown duck in Candy Cane Lake. Photo by Nathan Turoff.

Howard the Duck is alleged to be the only duck taking up residence in Candy Cane Lake, so this is certainly a turn of events. 

Spinnaker will update this story as it develops.


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