Meghan Markle and her International Day of the Girl speech

Jessica Volz, Intern Reporter

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, shared a speech in honor of International Day of the Girl.  She used social media to encourage movement, reflected on her successes and recognized that women’s equality continues to progress.

Markle’s speech supported the equal rights of girls and women around the world. Her tribute video posted to Instagram began with an upbeat chant and clapping from a crowd full of women. 

Her opening line, “Every girl has promise. She has the right to learn. The right to be heard. The right to play. The right to discover. The right to be exactly who she is,” can be heard above the united mantra that continued for the duration of the video.

Cohesively, the post was compiled of several shorter clips of young girls from various hands-on projects and charity events attended by the dukes and duchesses of Cambridge. 

Markle’s second half of the video highlighted her lifetime dedication to bridging the gap and raising awareness of women’s inequality experienced worldwide. 

Her honor tribute featured a flashback sequence. Markle was speaking on behalf of the United Nations Women’s organization in-front of a live audience. The U.N.  entity has devoted its time and resources to establishing the building blocks to progressing gender inequality.

Last year’s U.N. event was the birthplace for her infamous ‘one-liner’ that made headlines. Her quote, “It is said that girls with dreams become women with vision,” debut as a memorable moment in her devotion.

The last sequence was a recap from Inside Edition of the then 11-year-old. Markle, unknowing at the time, began her movement towards gender equality. The inspired adolescent took pen to paper. She wrote to the First Lady, Proctor & Gamble, and journalist Linda Ellerbee in hopes to change an Ivory soap commercial.

She received corresponding letters and outreach for her reaction. Markle’s hard work paid off, and the dish soap commercial script was changed from using ‘women’ to ‘people’ from that moment. 

Markle concluded her homage saying, “So to each one of you, keep asking questions. Keep pushing forward. Keep shining brightly. Keep your worth and know we are behind you every step of the way,” and the clapping and chanting fadeout.

Markle has remained passionate about the equality of women’s rights and has continued to spread awareness and positivity.


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