Barney goes to Hollywood


Chris Jennings, News Anchor

“Get Out” star Daniel Kaluuya is collaborating with Mattel Films to create a live-action “Barney the Dinosaur” film. And yes. You read that right — our childhood purple dinosaur friend is going to the big screen.

The very memorable and iconic song “I Love You, You Love Me” will soon pervade the world again — but this time, Hollywood power is involved. With the partnership between Kaluuya, Mattel Films and development firm Valparaiso Pictures, they will achieve their mutual goal of getting the iconic song stuck in our heads, for a second round. 

The tri-Hollywood-partnership will adapt the childhood staple show “Barney & Friends,” which survived 13 seasons and began back in 1992. Mattel Films’ Robbie Brenner expressed in a press release that working with actor Kaluuya will provide a new angle for Barney, adding that the film will shock audiences.

No information is currently available on the start date of production. 


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