UNF study finds having indoor plants can decrease stress levels in women

Jessica Volz

If you’re thinking about getting an indoor plant but don’t know if the hassle is worth it then you may want to consider it more beneficial for your mental health. Especially, after hearing about a new study by the University of North Florida that found exposure to components of nature indoors embodies the new capacity of public health.  

Erin Largo-Wight, Ph.D., associate professor of the  University of North Florida’s department of public health, said stress is a societal concern, and there are useful solutions. 

The research showed the presence of flowers indoors for “just a few days” significantly reduced stress. For women having flowers at home or in the workplace encourages a curated atmosphere that enhances mood.

“Our research is in a new area of public health called health by Design, which involves creating healthy, restorative, calming environments to reduce stress,” said Largo-Wight.

The experimental study included women ages 18 to 65, divided at random into one of the three study groups. One group received a flower delivery, while another group received a candle valued at the same price while the control group received no home delivery gift.  A data set of stress surveys were collected before and after the delivery as well as for every day for 12 days using the Perceived Stress Questionnaire (PSQ) online. 

The participants had -5.5 points decline of stress after living with the home-delivered flowers. The study group that received flowers reported their mood was positively enhanced. The study revealed that gifting flowers likely reduces stressors because it allows individuals human contact with nature. 

The UNF research team didn’t provide any statistical data; however, they made mention that additional factors such as a particular flower color can fluctuate an individual’s mood.



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