LGBT Resource Center welcomes new director

Kaitlyn Bowers, Video Director

The LGBT Resource Center has gained a new director, and he has traveled far to be here. 

Manny Velasquez-Paredes and his family traveled all the way from New York to sunny Jacksonville, Florida in order for him to join our Osprey family. 

“We actually had six inches of snow the day before we left, so we were very happy to be leaving,” joked Velasquez-Paredes. 

Before his departure, Velasquez-Paredes worked at the New York State Department of Labor. Here, he worked closely with Trade Act, which is a program that provides aid to the employees that are left without jobs due to their companies going out of the country. He was one of just two people in his county to have this job. 

Velasquez-Paredes also opened an LGBT Center in Long Island, New York, which was an “amazing experience” for him. 

As for his future at UNF’s LGBT Resource Center, Velasquez-Paredes is extremely optimistic. 

“I’m ready to jump right into it,” said Velasquez-Paredes. “This is my first time working for a university, and I’m excited to do lots of things.”