Creating real color: part 4, green

Carissa Marques, Contributing Writer

For the fourth segment of Creating Real Color, I had the pleasure of interviewing the first UNF student of the series, Sarah Ramos. Sarah is a senior majoring in advertising. In her free time, she creates art with all different kinds of mediums, but usually draws or paints. 

Question 1 – What emotions does the color green evoke for you? 

Answer – Green is comforting, soothing, calm and gently energizing, vibrant and full of life.

Question 2 – What do you think of when you see green? 

Answer I think of plants and leaves. Then I think of two of the people I love most. My grandmother had beautiful green eyes, and her color was always green. Coincidentally, the same is true of my sweet boyfriend. Green has always been comforting. 

Question 3 – What song reminds you of green? 

Answer –  “Aquellos Ojos Verdes” by Ibrahim Ferrer, “Heat Wave” by Snail Mail, and “Green Mountain State” by Trevor Hall.

Question 4 – How do you create? 

Answer – I create from how I feel. A lot of the time I feel like the things I draw or paint are already in front of me, and it’s my job to bring them into existence. 

Question 5 – What role does creativity play in your life? 

Answer – Creativity is a huge part of who I am. Every part of life is creation, from birth and everything beyond. Creativity is an outlet, a way to process things, and a way to bring new things into the world.

Question 6 – Who or what or where are some of your inspirations?  

Answer – Some major inspirations are those I love and nature. Sometimes a really beautiful film will do the trick too. 

You can find more of Sarah’s art on her Instagram. Despite being quarantined, hopefully you can find a way to appreciate the beauty in nature today, even if it is just the green grass in your backyard!


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