Must-follow UNF Instagram accounts

Mally Nichols, Reporter

Image courtesy of Solen Feyissa.

At UNF, there is a massive online presence for nearly anything and everything you can think of. Instagram is alive with a number of helpful accounts students can find. Student tips, campus events, special giveaways, free food, and more are out there on social media waiting to be discovered! Here’s a list of the top must-follow UNF accounts on Instagram:


Tommy G’s Instagram account is a great place to keep up with what’s going on at the UNF Library. The account regularly updates with helpful tips, information, and resources for students.


The Osprey Life & Productions Instagram account is consistently updated with information for students as well as fun events and giveaways. Most recently, the account did a virtual showing of Harry Potter and a step-by-step guide to making a mug cake!


UNF Dining Services is the hub for dining on campus and their Instagram account is full of updates on what’s what when it comes to catching a bite at UNF. They also occasionally feature giveaways, sales, and promotions for on-site grab-and-go snack opportunities for students.


Students searching for better wellness and ways to get active need to look no further than UNF RecWell’s Instagram. This account is regularly updated with fitness tips, workout routines, and exercise challenges to get your heart rate up. Students can also find important information and updates about UNF’s Student Wellness Center here.


For those who live on campus, Housing and Residence Life is a big part of the UNF experience. Information, resources, and housing updates are available on their page. Sometimes you’ll even see the occasional boardwalk event with opportunities for grab-and-go snacks and other goodies.


If you’re looking for a study snack, UNF’s Wellness Dietitians are on Instagram and ready to help! This account features healthy, fulfilling recipes and ideas for both meals and snacks for students. They also offer tips for healthy eating and information for those seeking an appointment.


The Student Union is also available on Instagram and their account features a variety of information about UNF. Here, students can find available job opportunities on campus, updates about the Student Union itself, and even information about upcoming events!


Last, but certainly not least, Victoria’s Secret PINK has several ambassadors representing their brand at UNF. Their Instagram account features updates about the program, events, sale updates, and exclusive giveaways for UNF students.

There are countless other UNF accounts on Instagram that could prove helpful to you depending on your major andichols specific interests. Explore the possibilities and keep an eye out for exclusive opportunities. Go forth and discover, and don’t forget to have fun!


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