UNF Game Room *Sponsored Content*

Gabi Prioleau

“A gamer’s paradise” – it’s the perfect way to describe UNF’s central gaming hub. Over the years, this location on campus has brought many people together. Whether it’s to sharpen those first-person shooting skills, veg out in front of the TV for a bit, or engage in some friendly rivalries, the Game Room has become iconic and central to UNF students’ experiences all over.

The Game Room had been missing-in-action for quite some time, due to the construction and addition of Lend-A-Wing. But don’t think that a pared-down Game Room means you’re getting a pared-down experience — further from it! The Game Room is still the same amazing space that can be utilized for participating in tournaments and gaming with friends.

“A lot of students were upset about the temporary shutdown of the Game Room,” says Jennifer Krechowski, coordinator at the Student Union. “We didn’t want to take that experience away from them [the students].”

Some unique specs that the Game Room boasts include the fact that there are six computer gaming hubs that are powered by steam, as well as two ping pong tables and six gaming consoles that range from classics like PlayStation 2 and Nintendo 64, to newer age consoles like the Nintendo Switch. With the variety of games and systems available, no two days spent in the game room will look the same.

Due to its long hours, there are plenty of opportunities for students to pop by in between class or after class to unwind with some Animal Crossing or crush their friends in a Mortal Kombat tournament. The Game Room also gives students who live on campus the ability to access gaming equipment that they might not otherwise have available in their dorm rooms, or homes away from home.

The Game Room is currently hosting online tournaments in adherence to CDC and university guidelines concerning COVID-19, while simultaneously preparing for its grand re-opening. To signify the occasion, the Game Room hosted an “NBA 2K21” tournament on Thursday, March 25 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. And to end this semester with a bang, the last tournament of the semester will be held on Friday, April 2 with people duking it out on “Call of Duty: Warzone.”

“It should be a fun night,” says Krechowski. “We have been working so long and so hard to pull it all together for the students.”

The Game Room has stood the test of time, and for good reason. No matter if you’re a freshman or a graduate student, faculty or staff, no UNF experience is complete without stopping by at least once. So come on by Monday – Thursday from 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. or on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. to relax, commune and meet new friends.


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