Top ten anticipated games from the latest PlayStation showcase

Michael Tracey, General Assignment Reporter

Sony Interactive Entertainment gave fans a glimpse into the future of PlayStation last week by featuring games releasing this holiday season and beyond. The showcase shined in its first-look gameplay footage of the highly anticipated upcoming lineup and the surprise announcements that followed. But when the curtain closed, fans like myself were left perplexed by some of the titles chosen for the event and disappointed by the March delay of “Grand Theft Auto V / GTA Online Enhanced & Expanded Edition” for the PlayStation 5.  

What was regarded in the industry as an “E3 level” event certainly missed its mark, but it’s undoubtedly a terrific time to be a PlayStation owner. The 42-minute showcase began with an advertisement reel featuring eccentric individuals challenging each other in what appeared to be video game scenariosthe approach was entertaining but odd. 

Image courtesy of PlayStation.Blog.

Once the current trademark slogan “Play Has No Limits” came across the screen at the end of the advertisement, it was time for President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, to speak to the community. After a brief speech thanking the players for their support, there was no time to waste getting to the reason why most people were watching—Sony’s upcoming lineup of video games. 

Here is a list of the top ten anticipated games that appeared during the showcase. Keep in mind all the upcoming release dates are subject to change. 

# 10 “Ghostwire: Tokyo” 

“Ghostwire: Tokyo” is a first-person action game focused on using martial arts and supernatural abilities. A masked group has released a mysterious fog on Tokyo and wiped out almost all the population. In its aftermath, you wake up in an abandoned alley without knowing what happened. As the player, it’s up to you to fight those responsible and uncover the truth; this is where your journey in “Ghostwire: Tokyo” begins.

“Ghostwire: Tokyo” releases in 2022 on the PS5.

#9 “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection”

“Uncharted” is a long-running series exclusively on PlayStation consoles until now. The center of its universe is Nathan Drake, a thief hunting lost treasure around the globe. Think Indiana Jones, but instead of turning artifacts into a museum, he keeps them for himself. “Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection” will include “Uncharted 4” and its spin-off “Uncharted: Lost Legacy” with major graphical updates for the PS5 and will release on the PC for the first time. 

“Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection” releases early 2022 on the PS5 and PC.

#8 “Grand Theft Auto V / GTA Online Expanded & Enhanced Edition”

“Grand Theft Auto V” speaks for itself. After its first release in 2013, the game is still topping the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation sales charts. The weight of the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise is enormous. The fact “V” is getting an upgrade after all these years is a testament to the game’s success.

“Grand Theft Auto V / GTA Online Expanded & Enhanced Edition” releases March 2022 on the PS5.

#7 “Project Eve” 

“Project Eve” is a third-person action game with combat that’s compared to other franchises such as “Nier” and “Dark Souls.” The game focuses on Eve, the survivor of the paratrooper squad fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

“Project Eve” will be released on the PS5.

#6 “Forspoken”

“Forspoken” is a magical third-person action-adventure game. Players will fill the shoes of Frey, a New Yorker, who finds herself suddenly transported to another world called Athia. Expect deep story elements and fluid combat throughout its entirety in “Forspoken.” 

“Forspoken” has a planned release window for Spring 2022 on the PS5.

#5 “Gran Turismo 7”

The “Gran Turismo” franchise is a racing staple on the PlayStation consoles. The first title of the series was on the original PlayStation. It’s a must for car lovers and those who enjoy hitting the open road with their friends. 

“Gran Turismo 7” releases March 4, 2022, on the PS4 and PS5.

#4 “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake” 

Star Wars fans have demanded its return, and the wait is finally over. “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake” is a pillar of storytelling within the universe, and the announcement is one of the biggest surprises of the showcase. The story begins 4,000 years before the original trilogy, long before the rise of Darth Vader and the Empire. “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” is early in its development, but there’s no surprise that this will be the biggest game of the year once it’s released. 

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake” is launching as a console exclusive on the PlayStation 5. The release date is TBA. 

#3 “Wolverine” 

Insomniac Games hasn’t given us any news on the plot, but we know “Wolverine” will share the same Marvel universe the team began with the release of “Marvel’s Spider-Man” in 2018. It is exciting news for both Marvel and PlayStation fans because there hasn’t been a Wolverine game in a very long time. Also, the prospects of Insomniac expanding on their Marvel universe and introducing more characters down the line seems promising after this announcement.

“Wolverine” will be a PS5 exclusive, and the release date is TBA.

#2 “Spider-Man 2” 

PlayStation fans knew the sequel to 2018’s “Marvel’s Spider-Man” was on its way, but no one expected to see a trailer this early. Unfortunately, Insomniac Games didn’t share anything about the plot. Still, it’s safe to assume the game takes place immediately after the events of the latest entry, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.” PlayStation and Marvel fans can not wait to be back as the famous web-slinger, and this time, Venom is coming.

“Spider-Man 2” releases in 2023 and is expected to be a PS5 exclusive. 

#1 “God Of War: Ragnarök”

The final announcement of the showcase is PlayStations crowning achievement and single-handedly one of the most prominent franchises available on the platform. “God of War: Ragnarök” is a sequel to the critically acclaimed “God of War” in 2018. The story centers around Kratos, the god of war, and his son Atreus, as they navigate survival and family hardships in the brutal world where they exist. The game will mark the end of the latest Norse saga and is potentially the final “God of War” title for the current generation. 

“God Of War Ragnarök” releases in 2022 on the PS4 and PS5. 

So what did you think about the recent PlayStation showcase? Which games are you the most excited to play on your PS4 or PS5? Please drop a comment below and let us know! 

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