Tokyo Game Show 2021: How to watch and what to expect

Michael Tracey, General Assignment Reporter

The Tokyo Game Show is an annual event in Japan celebrating video games, and the next edition is about to arrive. The Tokyo Game Show is similar to E3 Expo in California and Gamescom in Germany. The event will commemorate its 25th anniversary, providing showcases from some of the biggest names in the video game industry: Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom, and Microsoft.

Photo courtesy of Tokyo Game Show.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 kicks things off on Sep. 30 and will be a digital-only event because of COVID-19 concerns. The panels are available to livestream, but since the event takes place in Japan’s time zone, it may be difficult to see without being awake at odd times in the morning if you live in the states. However, the Tokyo Game Show 2021 has two official ways to watch for those willing to challenge the test of time: YouTube and Twitch channels.

Some of the leading publishers and developers in the video game industry will use Tokyo Game Show 2021 as a platform to make surprise announcements for new releases and exclusive updates on current projects. It’s an exciting time of the year because the Tokyo Game Show is another weekend dedicated to gamers and rejoicing in the craft.

So far, there are 44 presentations scheduled during the event from Sep. 30 to Oct. 3, which means that Tokyo Game Show 2021 is packed each day with juicy information and stellar gameplay from upcoming releases. 

Expectations for the Microsoft panel seem questionable as the gaming community anxiously awaits validation about the recent rumors circulating of a Hideo Kojima- (“Metal Gear Solid,” “Death Stranding”) Microsoft partnership. But there is a better chance their focus will be on intellectual properties and Xbox’s expansion over the eastern markets where they have historically struggled in the past. 

Xbox Game Studios has two notable titles releasing this holiday: “Halo Infinite” and “Forza Horizon 5,” so expect both to appear during the showcase. Tokyo Game Show 2021 is an excellent opportunity to give audiences a fresh look at those titles; however, there is a possibility the panel could host a couple of industry-shaking announcements.

Photo courtesy of Tokyo Game Show.

The final expectation worth discussing is that “Final Fantasy” fans hope to see another look at the latest entry in the long-running Japanese role-playing franchise, “Final Fantasy 16.” The developer of “Final Fantasy,” Square Enix, is set to host a showcase at the event, and Tokyo Game Show 2021 is an ideal location for an update on the release. But unfortunately, “Final Fantasy 16” producer Naoki Yoshida previously stated during live-stream that the story and English voiceovers are locked in, so there’s a high chance it won’t be ready to present during the Square Enix panel on Friday. 

Make sure to visit Tokyo Game Show’s 2021’s official program for the complete schedule of panels during the weekend. In addition, check back to Spinnaker for all the latest updates on the video game industry.


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