Jacksonville’s three beaches

Hayley Simonson, Managing Editor

Jacksonville is home to many unique, beautiful beaches that are special to the East Coast. There is a selection of spots to choose from when planning out your next beach day. If you’re unfamiliar with the beaches here, this is for you. 

Jacksonville Beach

When people think of Jacksonville Beach, one of the first images that come to mind is either the beach bars or the pier. Currently under construction, the pier is a landmark of Jacksonville Beach and is often home to local surfers who come out when the waves are good. Jacksonville Beach also is home to a wide variety of beach bars that are alive and happening on weekends. Around this area, there are also many local eateries, beach bungalows, and hotels. The area is popular among locals and tourists alike. This is a great place to kick back and relax with your friends, play some volleyball, and enjoy some pizza from Biggies, or flavored ice from Rita’s

Neptune Beach 

This beach is a city located in Duval County just north of Jacksonville Beach. A small, quiet coastal community, the location radiates a  comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. This beach is usually quieter than Jacksonville Beach and serves as a peaceful escape. Located off Atlantic Blvd, there are many fun, hip restaurants, ice cream shops, bars, and shops to visit after a day in the sun or any day for that matter. 

Atlantic Beach 

North of Neptune Beach, is Atlantic Beach. Atlantic Beach is home to miles upon miles of beaches in close proximity to golf clubs and beautiful parks. Atlantic Beach also has a rich history. A location that experts believe was the first year-round Native American settlement in North America. Visitors to the area will see many houses, condos, and quiet hotels. Also don’t miss out on Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. This place is super popular among local surfers, fishermen, bikers, beachgoers, campers, and dog lovers. The Atlantic Beach is truly a nature lover’s paradise. 


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