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UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

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UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

All content by Morgan Holbrook
Darbys Dungeon. Credit Darby Herbin.

In 2020, dive into Darby’s Dungeon and discover your inner-nerd

November 18, 2019

“#ItsNotASexThing”: Darby Herbin includes this hashtag on the back of all t-shirts and at the bottom of all social media posts promoting her upcoming board game lounge, Darby’s Dungeon. The origin...

Taken by Jorge Rios.

Comedy icon Steven Wright is coming to the Florida Theater

November 18, 2019

Before absurd internet memes, there was Steven Wright. Before Mitch Hedberg, Demetri Martin, and Aubrey Plaza, there was Steven Wright. Steven Wright, a modern trailblazer of surreal, deadpan comedy,...

A neo-Nazi flyer next to what appears to be a UNF pre-law program poster.

Students publicly condemn Neo-Nazi propaganda

November 8, 2019

Earlier this week, Spinnaker published a story about alleged neo-Nazi propaganda being placed around campus. It didn’t take long for one well-known student group to release a statement, taking a stance...

Two local podcasts hosting a food drive

Two local podcasts hosting a food drive

October 30, 2019

Comic nerds and hip-hop heads, unite! Two local podcasts, The Short Box and Hip Hop & Hookah, are planning a food drive for Friday, Nov. 8, to benefit the non-profit organization, Feeding Northeast...

Spinnaker Spoilercasts: Zombieland Double Tap

Spinnaker Spoilercasts: Zombieland Double Tap

October 29, 2019

After 10 years of anticipation, the sequel to Zombieland was finally released. The film featured the original cast with some surprising twists and new characters. Here's what Spinnaker...

Roccos Pizza Food Truck serving free pizza, bread knots, and mozzarella sticks to the UNF students. Photo by Caleb Moseley

Food Truck Frenzy and Battle of the Bands

October 17, 2019

The biggest party on campus will be at the Student Union Amphitheater this Friday night. Instead of the Osprey Clubhouse, Food Truck Frenzy will be held at the J.B. Coxwell Amphitheater with Battle...

Insomnia Cookies has come to Jacksonville

Insomnia Cookies has come to Jacksonville

September 11, 2019

If you've ever craved fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at 1 a.m., you might be in luck. Insomnia Cookies, a chain known for delivering cookies to college campuses until 3 a.m., has recently opened...

The UNF Counseling Center.

New Counseling Center satellite office on Candy Cane Lake

July 19, 2019

Mental health counseling for students living on campus just got a lot more accessible. During his June 28 report to the Student Senate, Student Government President John Aloszka announced that an additional...

Picture of the band members of Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are coming to Jacksonville

June 27, 2019

After a brief postponement, The Rolling Stones “No Filter” tour is set to roll into Duval’s own TIAA Bank Field on July 19. Tickets are currently available for as low as $99.50. In March of this...

Some of the most breathtaking news from E3 so far

Some of the most “breathtaking” news from E3 so far

June 12, 2019

Keanu Reeves’ summary of playing Cyberpunk 2077 and the subsequent reaction from a fan (at 2:14 in the linked video) perfectly describes the energy of 2019’s Electronic Entertainment Expo: “breathtaking.” Since...

Barista pouring coffee into a filter at a coffee shop.

Why working in college might be a good idea

June 7, 2019

Student loan debt in the United States currently sits at $1.5 trillion. If each of those dollars were laid end to end, it would reach from the surface of the Earth past the sun. This staggering number...

Five Feet Apart: Approach with caution

Five Feet Apart: Approach with caution

March 18, 2019

Justin Baldoni’s directorial debut is the fictional story of two teens with a nonfictional illness, cystic fibrosis, who struggle with putting each other’s health at risk by wanting to be together. Even...

UNF’s Quality Enhancement Plan to prioritize the development of professional writing skills

UNF’s Quality Enhancement Plan to prioritize the development of professional writing skills

March 15, 2019

This year's Quality Enhancement Plan: Writing Around the Curriculum is a campaign The Writing Center has implemented to help UNF continue to maintain SAC's university accreditation. Linda Howell, director...

Reserved parking in the arena garage.

50 spots in Arena Parking Garage will be reserved on Wednesday

March 5, 2019

Parking perils are frequent amongst blue lot pass holders, and this week will be no different, as the University reserves parking for another event. On Wednesday, 50 Blue-Lot spaces will be reserved...

Beth Ingram, PhD
Courtesy of NDSU

Beth Ingram, third candidate for provost, talks on higher education and student affairs

February 28, 2019

Flying in from the balmy 7 degree high of Fargo, North Dakota, the third candidate for UNF Provost, Beth Ingram, held her open forum on Wednesday afternoon. “I’ve been in higher ed. administration...

President Donald Trump

How tariffs are affecting UNF

January 24, 2019

On Jan. 4, 2019, UNF Associate Professor Joshua Gellers tweeted that he won't be getting his university-commissioned computer due to the "#Trump #tariffs” of 2018. Political Science and Public...

How is UNF preventing gym germs at the Wellness Center?

How is UNF preventing gym germs at the Wellness Center?

January 15, 2019

Even though the UNF Wellness Complex provides sanitizing wipes intended to be used on the equipment after each person, not everyone complies. Typical free weights have 362 times more germs than...

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