Students publicly condemn Neo-Nazi propaganda

Morgan Holbrook, Staff Reporter

Earlier this week, Spinnaker published a story about alleged neo-Nazi propaganda being placed around campus.

It didn’t take long for one well-known student group to release a statement, taking a stance against the alleged neo-Nazi group.

UNF Students for a Democratic Society, or UNF SDS, tweeted this statement Thursday, Nov. 7:

In it, UNF SDS “strongly condemns the neo-Nazi propaganda that was found around campus.” The statement also calls the current UNF administration to take action on the issue. Specifically, SDS demands the banning of hate speech on campus, and to place safety measures for all students of color that are affected by neo-Nazi propaganda.

This description of UNF SDS is available on its Facebook page:

“Students for A Democratic Society at UNF is a grassroots student activist organization in Jacksonville, FL. We fight against tuition hikes, racism, sexism, homophobia, war, and all forms of social injustice. We organize for affordable education, equality, social justice and a better future for our campus and community.”

UNF SDS has been vocal in many debates regarding the presence of campus preachers, abortion protests, and racial issues on campus.


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