Insomnia Cookies has come to Jacksonville

Morgan Holbrook, Copy Editor

If you’ve ever craved fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies at 1 a.m., you might be in luck.

Insomnia Cookies, a chain known for delivering cookies to college campuses until 3 a.m., has recently opened a store in Tinseltown Plaza on Southside Boulevard. The store is inconspicuously tucked in a newly constructed complex between the Tinseltown parking lot and Wild Wing Cafe.

insomnia cookies
A map of the Jacksonville Insomnia Cookies delivery service area (sorry, not sorry, JU).

If that news wasn’t sweet enough, the store is also running a great deal to mark the occasion.

The store’s official grand opening was Friday, September 6, but customers who visit the store “for the next few days” can still receive a coupon for a free in-store cookie.


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