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Heads up, hopeful harvesters


January 12, 2010

Anyone who experienced the drunken wonderment of dust and dead grass sticking to their entire rock 'n' roll-lovin' bodies last March at the St. Johns County Fairgrounds knows that Harvest of Hope 2009 prevailed as a rompin' good...

Top Five Bonfire Blasters


November 4, 2009

Finally. Florida has reluctantly recalled her ludicrous lava-esque climate (I’ll admit, I totally lied back in Top Five Introduction to Autumn Albums, back before thermometers really dipped below 72 degrees). Now it doesn’t...

UNF students stock freezer full of jams


October 13, 2009

Music bloggers put tunes on ice, keep them fresh for you The sonic lovechild of Alex Benson and Scott Piper, freezerjams.blogspot.com, has been around for just under a month, and though it’s in its infancy, the two have big...

Barlow bellows ‘Goodnight’ to unknown tunes in the latest solo album


October 6, 2009

Amherst, Mass. raised gifted wordsmiths like Emily Dickinson and Noah Webster, sure, but has the snowy college town spat out any eloquent artists nearly as lovely, loud or legitimate as Lou Barlow? Nah. Barlow, who has played in Sebadoh, T...

Top Five Ballads to Blow Cigarette Smoke to


September 30, 2009

Before I can seriously launch into this week’s Top Five, I must make sure it’s on the record that I am an almost 100 percent retired cigarette smoker. Unless a certain quality (or quantity, rather) of liquor has passe...

Spinnaker giving away tickets to Decemberists’ show


September 24, 2009

You know when a fresh-faced child, purely innocent, gets burned by the world’s malicious side in some fashion — perhaps a broken heart — and then they’re just never the same? Their simple qualities turn complex — ...

Top Five Songs to Get Frisky to


September 16, 2009

Ooh yeah. To keep with the theme of this week’s paper, James thought it would be relevant to tailor the Top Five and follow suit. Always one to follow orders, I concocted a recipe of Top Five Songs to Get Frisky to — interpret...

World music finds a voice downtown


September 16, 2009

A phrase meaning “new wave” or “the new thing” in Portuguese, bossa nova is known around the world, but has received little notoriety in Jacksonville. Bossa nova is a jazzy type of music that sprung out of Brazil in the...

August 25 – 30

September 2, 2009

Top 5 Beginning of Summer Albums


May 26, 2009

Jason Yurgartis has left the building, people. He graduated from our university and for unknown reasons left me in charge of maintaining his brainchild weekly Top 5 lists. [Editors Note - She is more than qualified to fill Jas...

"Top Five" Songs You Shouldn’t Live Without


April 15, 2009

It seems many of your sarcasm detectors weren’t working as the last installment of the Top Five in the April 1 issue (Greatest Songs of All Time) was met with a wave of disgust and disdain. It was April Fools Day! Anyway, this...

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