UNF students stock freezer full of jams


Music bloggers put tunes on ice, keep them fresh for you

The sonic lovechild of Alex Benson and Scott Piper, freezerjams.blogspot.com, has been around for just under a month, and though it’s in its infancy, the two have big plans for their baby.

In their formative years, Piper and Benson subjected themselves to dangerously high levels of Elvis, Michael Jackson and The Beach Boys, which engendered in them a life-long love of music.

Since Benson and Piper formed the blog, the dynamic duo – whose online aliases are Well Fed Boy and Bruce Wayne, respectively – have been posting booty-shakin’ jams of all genres which are by no means generic.

“The original idea was kinda like, ‘OK, I’m sick of all these people asking me for music. I’m just gonna post it on here, and you can get it,’” Benson said.

Benson also disc jockies. He has played a few parties but hasn’t yet carved his niche in the local scene.

“I don’t play the normal T-Pain, Lil Weezy,” Benson said.

He instead takes a funkier approach.

“Funk is one of those genres where, when it’s on, no one is like ‘Ugh, no I don’t like this,’” Benson said. “But I always head towards the electro at the end of the night.”

Piper’s impetus to form Freezer Jams was a little less pragmatic and a little nobler.

“Since I’m not a musician or a DJ, I have to give back to the music industry somehow,” Piper said.

Piper has taken to writing more than blog posts. He interviewed local freak-out rockers BLORR Oct. 3 when they played at Ocean Club.

Benson wants to start focusing on local bands with the hopes of nourishing an anemic nation.

“No one knows anything about anyone from Jacksonville except for Yellowcard or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,” he said.

The guys hope to promote art shows, local bands and various happenings around town. Besides Folio Weekly, there aren’t a lot of places where people can get that kind of information, Benson said. [Editor’s Note: Obviously Benson had a momentary lapse in memory when he forgot to mention this fine publication in your hands right now.]

“I invite any local artists who have songs or tracks they want advertised. It doesn’t matter how small or what kind of music. I invite it all,” Benson said.