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College presidents got it right

The Amethyst Initiative, a group formed in July comprised of former and current university and college presidents, has called for a national discussion about the legal U.S. drinking age.

Nearly 130 presidents and chancellors have signed the Amethyst pledge advocating a factual and dispassionate debate about the effectiveness of the 1984 National Minimum Drinking Age Act, which imposes a 10 percent reduction in federal transportation assistance to states with drinking ages lower than 21.

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Americans must take Sept. 11 lessons to heart

Sept. 11 is a day etched in everyone’s minds. Ask anyone where they were when the first plane crashed in 2001, and you are sure to hear many stories and memories.

The day will not be forgotten by those who lived through it, but the lessons learned can often be tossed among the pile of all the others.

Grief, loss, pain and suffering are emotions that usually override anything else people might be experiencing, and there is a time for these emotions.

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Gassing mentally ill inmates must stop

Guards at the Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Northwest Florida shut off the water to inmate Danny Brown’s cell at 3 p.m. June 11, 2002. At the same time, guards outside taped the window so nothing could escape – including Brown. Then the guards released chemical gasses into the cell.

Brown, a bi-polar inmate, suffered an asthma attack, breathing difficulties and mental and emotional pain from the gassing, according to the lawsuit he filed the following year with 21 other prisoners at the correctional institution.

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Support U.S. troops by honoring those who die

“Support our Troops” is a phrase that no longer needs mention in this country, as the ideal has become one of the golden tenants of new-American patriotism – a nationalistic effort enacted, presumably, the day the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.

This statement is undeniably agreed upon – to the extent the creed has been printed on every type of magnet, flag and T-shirt imaginable, and donned by Americans and naturalized citizens of all types.

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Eco-adventure fun

Saturday morning – intense boredom, and you haven’t a clue how to fix it. You don’t have the gas money to drive anywhere off campus. You spent Friday night at the game room. The library is too quiet. It’s a no-go for the Arena. Your bathing suit and gym clothes are in the wash.

Think a little harder; fun is right across the street. Indeed, those woods you drive by everyday hold more than just trees.

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Greene: College grads must stand out, speak less at job interviews

Jacob Greene, 28, sits at his desk with his pen out, easing back in his chair, listening to talk of company growth, change and branding at the head of a long table; this is typical of Greene’s day-to-day management of his consulting company, Greene Group, which he formed in 2006.

Greene, who wrote “Whoa, My Boss is Naked!: A Career Book for People Who Would Never Be Caught Dead Reading a Career Book,” has offered peer-leveladvice to professionals striving to find a dream job.

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NCAA officials need to be held accountable

Officials serve a valuable purpose for athletic games at all levels. The difficultly and importance of their job often goes unnoticed, however, more and more officials are making wrong calls that are costing teams games.

It seems to be happening more in college football than in any other sport, and the officials need to start facing the repercussions of their incompetence. Or, at the very least, recognize a problem exists.

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Drug Bust Brings Changes to UPD

UPD has been working harder to enforce a zero drug tolerance policy after a large-scale drug bust that resulted in the arrest of six UNF students and one employee in April 2008.

The way UPD handles individual cases varies by the severity of the offense, but one of the changes brought about by the investigation lies within the tolerance of drug possession on campus and code enforcement.


Oddball Antics Aug 27

After being dumped by his live-in girlfriend, a man in Nottinghamshire, England, sought to win her back by paying a friend $40,000 to kidnap her at knifepoint and take her to a wooded area where the jilted beau would leap out and rescue her.

He even bought his pal night vision goggles and a Dalek voice-changer helmet to disguise his voice. The friend went to her home twice but chickened out both times. The plot fell apart and the ex-boyfriend will be in jail for the next year or so.