September 12 – 24


Sept. 12 – Criminal Mischief (Lot 55) An officer responded to the Osprey Fountains parking lot about a student who reported damage to his BMW. The gas cap was ripped out, and the driver’s side rear wheel was missing its BMW center cap. The student keeps the car covered with a tarp, so he is unsure when or how the incident happened, he said.

Sept. 19 – Simple Battery (Lot 18 Recreation Fields) UPD was dispatched to the recreation fields beside Lot 18 after a fight broke out between two students during an intramural game. One of the students, after it was determined he was not affiliated with UNF, was banned from the intramural league. The UNF student who was not banned declined to press charges against the banned student, saying that he did not want to pursue it.

Sept. 21 – Petty Theft (Lot 7) A Parking Services employee noticed a car that had what looked like a counterfeited parking pass on the rear view mirror. He was unsure, so he booted the car. When the student found the car booted, she contacted Parking Services who in turn contacted UPD. Since she counterfeited the parking pass, she was given a notice to appear.

Sept. 21 – Petty Theft (Building 41) A UNF student, who is also a swimming instructor, noticed his debit card was missing when he tried to purchase something at Starbucks after work. The student went online to check his bank account and found two charges made off campus, one at Publix and the other at a local Chinese restaurant. The student cancelled his card.

Sept. 22 – Property Damage (Lot 100) A Parking Services employee in a golf cart was trying to give a student directions, when he accidentally drove into the side of her car. They both went to the Parking Services parking lot and then contacted UPD. There was an estimated $20 worth of damage caused.

Sept. 22 – Burglary (Lot 55) A student contacted UPD after his parking permit and his iPod Touch were stolen from his car, which had been parked in the Osprey Fountains parking lot. The officer was able to draw five fingerprints from the student’s Chevrolet truck and placed them in JSO’s evidence room.

Sept. 23 – Burglary (Lot 55) A student contacted UPD after realizing his passenger window had been broken overnight in the Fountains. His radar detector was missing from the dashboard of his car. Nothing else was taken. The radar detector was valued at $500. The officer didn’t try to get fingerprints due to “the lack of printable surfaces,” according to the police report.

Sept. 23 – Grand Theft (Building 10) A UNF employee contacted UPD after realizing one of the computers was missing. The officer checked for fingerprints but did not find any since the computer area was heavily used that day. The computer, valued at $1,000, was entered into the National Crime Information Center system, which is a database that records stolen or missing items.

Sept. 23 – Petty Theft (Building 55) After noticing her GPS was missing from her room, an Osprey Fountains resident contacted UPD. She told the officer she allowed three unknown males into her room and a female friend, whom she would not name. She said she just wanted the police to report the incident for insurance purposes.

Beat of the Week:

Sept. 24 – Drug Possession (Building Z) A resident assistant in the Osprey Hall dormitory contacted UPD after smelling marijuana coming from a student’s room. The student told the officer that he didn’t smell anything or have any marijuana. He gave the officer permission to search the room. The officer found marijuana in an open drawer and in an M&M wrapper. The student was arrested.