Staff Blog: Best NFL players of all-time


I just finished watching the movie “The Express” and it got me thinking about the best NFL players of all-time at each position. With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, I decided to come up with a list. Here’s my top three and most over rated of each given position.


1.) Joe Montana

2.) Dan Marino

3.) John Elway

Most over rated – Brett Favre

Running back

1.) Walter Payton

2.) Berry Sanders

3.) Jim Brown

Most over rated – Emmitt Smith

Wide receiver

1.) Jerry Rice

2.) Lynn Swann

3.) Chris Carter

Most over rated – Sterling Sharpe

Offensive Lineman

1.) Anthony Munoz

2.) Art Shell

3.) Ron Yary

Most over rated – Dan Dierdorf

Defensive ends

1.) Reggie White

2.) Bob Lilly

3.) Bruce Smith

Most over rated – George Connor


1.) Dick Butkus

2.) Laurence Taylor

3.) Mike Singletary

Most over rated – Ray Lewis

Defensive backs

1.) Ronnie Lott

2.) Deon Sanders

3.) Night Train Lane

Most over rated – Steve Atwater

Head coach

1.) Don Shula

2.) Bill Walsh

3.) Bill Belichick

Most over rated – Vince Lombardi

Top three NFL teams

1.) 1972 Miami Dolphins

2.) 1985 Chicago Bears

3.) 1992 Dallas Cowboys

Most Over rated – 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers

And nobody cares about kickers or punters, just ask Adam Sandler.