Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Jan. 28


Jonathan Morales
News Editor
John Weidner
Sports Editor
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Josh Baker
SG Director of Athletic Affairs
Question 1: Rookies in the NBA often experience fatigue in the middle of the season because it’s twice as long as they are used to. What do you think rookies could do in order to keep their stamina up?
Play more double-headers. I would say steroids, but that seems to have other consequences later in a career. I don’t see how they become fatigued if they are working out throughout the entire season. They should still be in shape! Spend more time on the hardwood and less time hyping them up with the media.
Question 2: Shaun White has won the highest number of gold medals in the 2009 Winter X Games. Does White have what it takes to keep up his winning streak all the way to the next Olympics?
If global warming is as bad as they say it is, we can expect the gold medals to rain down from the X games anywhere. Can he handle artifical snow in the Midwest?
I bet not.
Shaun White? Isn’t he the guy that looks like Carrot-Top? Shaun White has incredible determination and has his eyes set on gold. It doesn’t seem like he has much competition so I would say yes.
Question 3: Making tour-low scores and a score of 33-under, Steve Stricker broke the PGA Tour’s previous record of 31, set by Ernie Els in 2003. Have golfers become better with age during the years?
Wisdom comes with age, as does stroke perfection. I mean, retirees migrate to Florida from all across the nation, and I’m sure they find the easy-on-the-joints sport fun too. Wasn’t Tiger Woods the best golfer in the world at age 18? And now, what is he? An injured millionaire who plays twice a year. Stricker has a good drive, and that has nothing to do with his age. Golf to me is all about luck. Golfers have not gotten better; Tiger Woods just isn’t playing.
Question 4: Kentucky guard Ramon Harris collapsed at halftime in a game against Alabama but turned out to be fine. Do college athletes push too hard in order to be noticed?
Athletes push their bodies beyond the limit every time they train so they can take hits, fall and get up again. If Harris isn’t prepared to draw fouls in the NBA, he might have some problems. I don’t know, have you seen Sixth Man? He was so into the game that he helped his team even after he died and became the wackiest ghost character since Patrick Swayze. Athletes always push as hard as they can in order to become better than the person next to them. No. Are we at Kentucky or UNF?

Compiled by Heather Furey.