Letter to the Editor: Arts program hiatus does not interfere with academics


Dear Editor,
I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify information about changes in the Fine Arts Center Series, which was discussed in last weeks editorial.

UNF made the decision to put the Fine Arts Center Series on hiatus for 2009-2010 in part, because it had a minimal impact on our students.  We want to be perfectly clear that this decision does not impact any music or art classes at UNF.

Our Music program remains strong and successful, and UNF is committed to keeping it that way.  Every student and faculty musical performance will continue as planned, with performances continuing next year. Our art and design program is also not impacted in any way, nor are the theatrical performances by our English majors. The decision impacted only the Fine Arts Center Series, not academic programs. By taking this action, we are saving $400,000 a year that will be spent on keeping academic programs up and running.

There is no doubt the Fine Arts Series has a great deal of value for the campus and the community, enriching the intellectual and cultural lives of people in Northeast Florida and developing UNF’s reputation for delivering unique entertainment.  But when it comes to cutbacks, we will always keep students first.

When the economy improves, we are committed to bringing the series back.

President John Delaney
UNF President