Commentary: Processed food poisoning humans; not roaches


Local bars and restaurants pleased their customers again this year. Unfortunately, many people were surprised – even shocked – by the health violations their favorite eatery scored in the most recent health and safety inspections.

It is human nature to turn attention to potentially harmful elements of our environment, like health violations.

But at the same time we are poisoning ourselves with chemicals contained in all different types of food and substances we put into our bodies on a daily basis.

Just think of all the medication people consume.

Pharmaceutical companies belong to one of the richest corporations in the United States.

And why? Because it is easier to reach for a pill than to give up smoking or drinking. And when it comes to mental health, people would rather seek answers watching Oprah and Dr. Phil than develop an effective way of dealing with personal issues.

So why does it matter that the restaurant you love scored multiple violations?

The air you breathe and water you drink is junk anyways. The noise and stress is killing you every second of your life. If you put things into perspective, the roach crawling across your plate becomes irrelevant.

The fact is that we are developmentally more ready to resist diseases brought about by insects and dirt rather than resist psychoactive and toxic chemicals, hormones and steroids included in commonly accessible groceries.

The top leading cause of death in America is currently cardiovascular disease, followed by respiratory infections.

And with 33 percent of Americans being obese and 22 percent suffering some type of mental disorder, hygiene in restaurants has probably very little – if any – impact on your health.

It is ironic that we attempt to save our forests and keep our waters clean while we might soon become the endangered species. And with everything “going green,” we might turn green ourselves as a result of the chemicals.

I suggest we start with the simplest tasks and then move into the big issues like saving the Amazon forests, global warming and drilling in the North Sea.

By the way, do you know what the most toxic substance ever known is?

It’s botulinum toxin, otherwise known as botox.

Yes, the same substance people inject into their faces to make themselves look younger.

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