Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Feb. 4


Jason Yurgratis
Features Editor
John Weidner
Sports Editor
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
Oldie but Goode
Question 1: Fourteen-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps was seen inhaling from a marijuana pipe after completing his races in Beijing. Does this hurt Phelps’ image as one of the world’s best athletes?
It’s just a little weed – not exactly a performance-enhancing drug. Give the guy a break; he’s 23, has 14 gold medals, and it’s not like he doesn’t have three-plus years to train for the next Olympics. Although his actions are not that of a role model, they have nothing to do with his athletic
Inevitably, some people will be judgmental and say his image is ruined. But he is obviously able to accomplish a lot, whether he does or doesn’t actually smoke
With the lungs on that boy, he should be able to smoke anything he wants.
Question 2: Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum injured his right knee in a game against Memphis and will miss a majority of the season for the second straight year. Should the Lakers keep the injury-prone Bynum?
Probably. He’s certainly a key player when he’s healthy, but I’m sure Kobe will ball-hog the Lakers into the playoffs anyway. They should get rid of Bynum. It would fit with the Lakers trend of pulling in star centers and shipping them out after they’re no longer of use. If he’s a good player, keep him. Just because someone might be a little clumsy or accident-prone doesn’t mean they’re a failure. I’ve had two hip replacements and can still run laps around these youngsters. Just get a knee replacement, Bynum.
Question 3: After slow starts to their seasons, the UNF men’s and women’s basketball teams seem to be finding
success. Where did the change in results come from?
I don’t know, but I’m guessing it wasn’t from the Michael “Maui Wowee” Phelps method. Can you imagine how high that guy got with his lung capacity? He can hold his breath for like five minutes. When you have young teams it is only a matter of time before your players will catch on. They probably took some of those yoga group fitness classes
combined with meditation and found their inner calm and purpose.
I lit a firecracker under their rears, and now they run twice as fast.
Question 4: The Tampa Bay Lightning are rumored to be trading their star player, Vincent Lecavalier, to another NHL team. Is this a death sentence for the Lightning?
The Lightning should be given the chair just for hiring Barry Melrose. LeCavalier deserves to play in a bigger market where his skills will be more appreciated. They should trade him because they have no chance of winning the Cup. Since the Steelers won the Super Bowl, I am predicting a Pittsburgh championship trifecta: Steelers, Penguins, Panthers! There’s more than one star in the sky. The only death sentence I see is me having to go home to my wife every night. Geez!

Compiled by Heather Furey.