No Meat March Experience: Week 4

Joseph Basco

By: Joseph Basco, News Editor

I am growing tired of this experience, literally. As the days go by, I feel lifeless and lethargic. There are only so many vegetarian options at eateries. This No Meat March challenge is up there with the likes of parking at noon in terms of difficulty.
I spent the weekend binging on mafia films such as “The Godfather” and “Goodfellas.” This inspired my family to eat Renna’s Pizza near Orange Park for dinner March 25. My family wanted a sausage and pepperoni pizza, which was off limits to me. Sadly, I left the pizza, but took the cannoli.
For those unaware, the Spinnaker staff stays in our office Tuesday nights to produce the paper you are reading right now from 4 p.m. through midnight. We typically buy food for the night, but most of the grub is not vegetarian friendly. I ate strawberries and a salad as I heard Maggie, the assistant news editor, say how great the chicken wings were. As you can see, living a vegetarian life will subject oneself to ridicule and mockery by your peers.

By: Ryan Thompson, Features Editor

Vegetarianism marches on, and I marched my happy self to Orlando over the weekend. I’ve lost most of my creative cooking skills, and all I want is for someone to feed me all of the best foods.
In the 407, I consumed a very magnificent pizza from UNO. We don’t have any in Jacksonville, but it’s a Chicago pizzeria, and you’ll wanna order it as a deep dish. I ordered the farmer’s market pie, and onions, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, eggplant, pesto, feta, mozzarella and grated Romano sat on top.
That pie certainly satiated the pizza craving I had. The next day, we skipped on over to Downtown Disney, and I feasted on Earl of Sandwich. Why don’t we have any of those in Jacksonville, either?
I ordered a magnificent caprese — mozzarella and tomatoes, for those of you out of the know — wrap, which was basically a wrapped salad. The salad-y bits slipped out beneath my tight grasp on my fresh lunch, but I snagged a fork and finished the rest as one would a regular salad.
As for my Tuesday production night meat, Basco bought some pretty gross salad mixings, and I somehow stomached it. Luckily, at press time, I’m poisoning myself with a couple of cookies and enjoying carrots.
I only have to make it until Saturday, but I know I’ve appreciated not-good salads and veggies that would taste better if the dirt were still on them.

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