Commentary: Our Two Sense – Feb. 11


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Andrea Farah
Staff Writer
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
Jonathan Morales
News Editor
After President Barack Obama made his first official address, what are your impressions of the commander in chief?
His first priority should be to dump the correct ratio of jello mix into a heated Olympic-size swimming pool and allow people to dive in. This would answer our nations greatest fear: will I survive submerged in a pool of jiggling gelatin? Very favorable, particularly because of his apparent willingness and desire to deal with thorny issues immedietly after taking office. Hopefully, the country will feel equally enthusiastic at the end of his term. I believe – and hope – Obama is heading in the right direction and taking the right actions with the stimulus package to rescue this country and get us out of this economic disaster. I think Obama’s campaign message of hope and change has changed to impending economic doom unless something is done NOW. Obama has shown his expert cabinet selection skills and partisan agenda.