Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Feb. 18


James Cannon II
Assistant News Editor
Heather Furey
Assistant Sports Editor
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
Victor the Valiant Viking
Pillager Extraordinaire
Question 1: After losing its first game of the season against Campbell University 61-38, the UNF women’s basketball team defeated Campbell 61-51 Feb. 14. Where did the dramatic change come from?
Who cares? We won. It sure is a nice change of pace from consistently losing our men’s games. All I know is free stuff was given out, which is exciting, win or lose. Maybe the Campbell girls ran out of soup, which dehydrated them, and caused their bad performance on the court. They figured they couldn’t lose to a team called the Camels.
Question 2: The Jacksonville Jaguars recently released their longtime star running back, Fred Taylor, after his
numbers and playing time declined last season. What does this mean for the Jaguars?
The Jaguars started to pass the torch last year by relying on Maurice-Jones Drew more. However Fred Taylor will be missed and will never be fully replaced. I’m surprised the entire Jaguar team hasn’t been released. It sucks. One less player. Let’s hope his replacement makes the loss worth it. The Jaguars will have to throw their players across the field and then toss the ball, in order to get them down the sideline.
Question 3: After a raging wind ripped a 40-foot pine tree across the third fairway, bad weather postponed part of the Pebble Beach National Golf Tour. Would sports be more entertaining if athletes played through bad weather?
It’s not like a downed tree could actually slow down a golf match more than the already snail’s pace at which it proceeds. But, seeing more mud and blood would make anything more interesting. Definitlely. Nothing wrong with a good obstacle course. Did you see the third Harry Potter? Those wizards flew around dodging bludgers during a lightning/dementor storm. Bad weather = awesome. Actually, I burped in the tree’s direction and caused the delay. Sorry, Tiger!
Question 4: At the NBA’s Slam Dunk competition, Nate Robinson, 5-foot-9, leaped over Dwight Howard, 6-foot-11. Do you think height matters in the NBA?
Sure it does. Robinson just has ups.For everyone else, you better be at least 6-foot-5 before bringing it. No, my sister is taller than me, and I still beat her on the court. Of course not. Very large feet and powerful thighs can do wonders. No, just run into people at full force, and you will be in good shape.

Compiled by Heather Furey.