Commentary: Inside the Huddle – Feb. 25


Josh Salman
Managing Editor
John Weidner
Sports Editor
April Schulhauser
Assistant Features Editor
Two-Faced McGraw
The Wildest Outlaw in the West
Question 1: UNF’s baseball symbol, which is similiar to the Yankees’ logo, will possibly leave whenever head coach Dusty Rhodes retires. What do you think the new logo should be in the future?
An angry Osprey beating the snot out of a JU Dolphin with a baseball bat. All baseball symbols have a classic aspect to them. I say we have the word Ospreys typed out in Latin. A rabid Osprey with fangs, holding a baseball in its foaming mouth. An Osprey with two guns in its talons and Dusty Rhodes’ picture tattooed on its arm, with a baseball in its beak.
Question 2: Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones has indicated that during the off-season the Cowboys might release receiver Terrell Owens. Is this due to the poor economy or a poor receiver?
Both. The mix between the two is the perfect storm. T.O. will find
another team but not the money that measures up to the size of his mouth.
Does it matter? Who really trusts anything that comes out of Jerry Jones’ mouth? Our economy is affecting every industry equally at this point, so I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s no need to put a spur in his hind-end and give him the boot. The economy will eventually have brighter days.
Question 3: The Atlanta Braves landed veteran outfielder Garret Anderson for the upcoming season, when he has played for the Angels his entire career. Does staying with one team for your entire career mean anything anymore?
I guess I’m old-school, but to me it does. A team is like your family and you should never leave unless absolutely necessary. That’s why guys like Marino and Elway are truly special. Just take a look at some of sports’ biggest names. Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Swayze all played with multiple teams in their careers. Maybe his 15 minutes of fame are finished. Naw, it’s every man for himself these days and until then, Anderson has to be a go-getter.
Question 4: Do any of the men’s basketball teams in the state of Florida have a chance at making the March Madness tournament or going far in it?
F.L.O.R.I.D.A … Florida State, Florida State, Florida State … WOAH! It doesn’t matter if any of the teams from Florida make it this year. This year is Pitt’s year! Hell yeah! Florida boys rock. Florida State is looking to be at the end of the tunnel. Other than that, all I see is tumble weeds when it comes to Florida basketball.

Compiled by Heather Furey.