Our Two Sense – Feb. 25


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Holli Welch
Editor in Chief
Rebecca McKinnon
Staff Writer
Jason Yurgartis
Features Editor
Due to budget cuts, many Florida high schools will be reducing their athletic programs. What sport should stay?
Schools should keep all sports programs and just remove coaches, referees and field maintenance crews. This will bring back a gladiator “every man for themselves” vibe. Fans will love the raw, violent, chaos that will follow. Football definitely deserves to stay in athletic programs across Florida. For many small towns in the state, Friday night football games at the local high school are the biggest events of the week. I was in soccer in seventh grade. Our team lost every game but one. I realize that’s not a very good case to keep public schools’ sports or especially my soccer team … but we had heart. Boxing. That way students will have the ability to fight for their food when they’re living on the streets because the state keeps cutting the education budget.